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Upper Left Lights Up the Fremont Foundry at JOULE

Upper Left featuring Joule, Justin Martin, and more

Here at Dance Music Northwest, we’ve long been supporters of Upper Left’s mission. It’s one that promotes pushing the boundaries of music in our local scene, and by encouraging only the most positive vibes from fans. From the Dirtybird BBQ last year to Pet Cemetery on Halloween, all we’ve seen so far are happy faces and pleased customers. This brings us to the latest from the Upper Left crew, JOULE.

Seattle’s always had a strong house music community. If the turnout at JOULE is any indication, that community is only continuing to grow. Hosted by the Fremont Foundry, it was a night many won’t soon forget. The music was pumping, the love flowed free, and a showcase of incredible house and bass talent graced the lineup. But don’t just take it from us though. We chatted with Angelo Carosio, known to many as local DJ Toastercookie, and got his thoughts on the night.


“Upper Left’s JOULE was easily one of the best parties I have been to in my years in Seattle. The combination of such a beautiful and unique venue, expertly curated music and a crowd of respectful people who were there for the music and the vibe rather than just to get wasted led to an experience that felt way more like an intimate festival than your average club night or warehouse party.

With Dirtybirds dropping tech house grooves downstairs and deep bass in your face upstairs from the likes of G Jones and Great Dane, at times I wished I could be in 2 places at once. You know that the music is good when the crew at the very front of the crowd is comprised almost entirely of local DJs and promoters going ham to crazy unreleased tunes. G Jones was 100% the highlight of the night, dropping new collabs with big names like Bassnectar and EPROM.

As someone who loves multi-room parties and has recently started to feel a bit old and out of place at most of the big massive-type events, the vibe at Upper Left’s parties is exactly what I’ve been looking for—a place to enjoy cutting edge electronic music but with the vibe of a really awesome house party.”


While attendees danced the night away, social media was aflame with praise for JOULE. It’s not every day that an event at a relatively new venue goes off without a hitch the way this one did, and it’s clear that both fans and artists were taking notice.

Joule Facebook Reaction 1

Joule Facebook Reaction 2

Joule Facebook Reaction 3

We’ll leave you with some closing thoughts, straight from the Upper Left crew, along with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out in full force for JOULE! From the guys themselves:

“That was a classic! Thank you so much to everyone that came out and partied with us at Joule this last Saturday. It’s truly inspiring to see what Seattle is becoming musically. We’ll continue to do everything we can to deserve your trust at our events by maintaining a unique, safe environment and focusing on what we believe will be some of the best music Seattle will see in the coming years. We’re excited for what’s about to happen here and grateful for your faith in Upper Left. Stay tuned!”

Seattle’s scene is one built on the foundation of hardworking, passionate people, and we’re reminded of that every time Upper Left throws a show. Be sure to follow Upper Left on Facebook!

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