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Artist Guide: Kayzo and friends hit Seattle in April with gargantuan ‘Unleashed XL’ tour

Kayzo is coming to WaMu Theatre in Seattle for his Unleashed XL tour, featuring some of bass music’s heaviest acts! This massive lineup is chocked full of new talent and big names, ranging from riddim and tearout to electronic and drum and bass. Here is a guide to help prepare you for the hardest lineup to hit the WAMU this year.

Automhate, Emorfik B2B Muerte, Infekt will kick the night off

First up on this stacked lineup, we have Automhate. Coming all the way from Italy, he has brought himself to the frontline of the riddim and dubstep scene in the U.S. With releases on labels like Disciple’s Round Table and Halcyon. Automhate has been on a warpath to the big leagues and is sure to open up this show with a bang.

Automhate performing live with red visuals with surrounding crowd out of focus

Credit: Limepic/Propulsion

Next up are two of the hardest new producers to hit the American bass scene. Emorfik and Muerte will be performing a back to back set that we expect to cause absolute pandemonium. Both of these artists have made haste in their careers after playing some of the biggest stages in EDM including Lost Lands and EDC. With some of the wildest tearout and deathstep tunes around, there is no doubt that any hardcore headbangers will feel right at home with this set.

Our next DJ of the night is trench superstar Infekt. This German born producer has amassed an almost endless discography of trench classics and vaulted ID’s including his latest Chomp EP. This along with his curated song selections and incredible live mixing will leave you always guessing and never disappointed.

Must Die B2B Tisoki will keep the party going

Following Infekt, we have another back to back featuring legendary artists Must Die! and Tisoki. Must Die! has made great strides in the last few years with his albums Feral Fantasy and Crisis Vision, both showing off his trademark wall-breaking bass.

Tisoki has released some amazing singles consistently for the past year after his 2021 debut full-length album 01953. We only expect a great performance from the UK DJ with over a decade of music under him. Both of these guys have a huge arsenal of crowd favorites and remixes that will make for an epic set you won’t want to miss.

Must Die! Performing live

Credit: Must Die! (website)

For an unexpected but always welcomed break from the neck breaking styles of the previous artists, drum and bass extraordinaire Netsky will be playing before Kayzo. Netsky is the perfect artist to listen to for anyone looking to get into the drum and bass genre and expand their electronic horizons. We are excited to see what the Belgian-born DJ has in store for us and know he will have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Belgian producer Netsky mugging for the camera

Credit: Netsky (website)

Kayzo set to close off the night with a bang

Kayzo is coming to us shortly after his remix album for his 2022 release New Breed. The remix album includes remixes from fellow performers Automhate, Muerte, and Tisoki. It has a heavy emphasis on rock and metal influences, including the use of down-tuned guitars and booming drums. Using this influence to his advantage, Kayzo has created a very special live set, complete with a live instrumental accompaniment. He’s coming up on a full decade since his first release, so we know there will be plenty of tracks to choose from his extensive catalog.

We cannot wait to see Kayzo leave the WAMU in Seattle in absolute shambles for his Unleashed XL tour. More information about the show, venue, and tickets can be found here.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!