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Kazrog KClip 3: Intuitive Distortion for Engineers and Producers Alike

We’ve been hearing about KClip for quite some time, especially its usefulness in mastering applications. “Kazrog (the creator of KClip) was founded by Shane McFee in 2008 with the goal of allowing the home studio producer to achieve sonic results equal to or beyond those possible in a professional, large-scale recording studio” ( KClip does just that; it’s a professional quality clipper which reduces the dynamic range and character of the input. KClip 3 features eight soft clipping modes: Smooth, Crisp, Tube, Tape, Germanium, Silicon, Guitar Amp, and Broken Speaker (several of which are new to KClip). These algorithms will cause varying levels of saturation depending on the input gain and threshold. In addition to new clipping modes, KClip now also features Multiband and M/S Processing, Loudness Metering, A/B comparison, mix control, and more in-depth controls to dial in your sound.

KClip 3 looks as good as it is easy to use… check out the stellar GUI! (

In our testing, KClip was extremely versatile and sounds great on drums, vocals, bass, and the master bus. We find KClip is especially great when used as coloration clipper before a limiter in a mastering chain. Our favorite mode has turned out to be the ‘Crisp’ setting which is “based upon a famous blue ADC/DAC hardware unit’s digital saturation process” (KClip User Guide). We also love the ‘Germanium’ transistor clipping setting- it works well for gluing together mid range, guitars, and cymbals; by dialing in the Dry/Wet we were able to get quickly pleasant results from each clipping mode.

The new Multiband functionality in KClip 3 is perhaps the most exciting feature, allowing the user to select different algorithms for four individual adjustable bands. ‘Smooth’ and ‘Crisp’ sounded awesome on drums and bass, while ‘Tube’, ‘Tape’, and ‘Germanium’ worked excellently on brass, vocals, and high end. The bands are transparent and don’t compromise the integrity or punch of the input whatsoever. Like all of the features in KClip, the Multiband is very easy to use and implement. KClip is undoubtedly going to be a major player in our productions from here on out.

Kazrog KClip 3 is $59.99 on their website – upgrade your plugin collection today with one of the best soft clippers around

What’re some of your go-to plugins? Let us know on Social Media – we want to know so we can review them! 


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!