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Klingande talks new album details and pool party secrets (Interview)

Sun, drinks, pool parties, Miami. It is indeed Miami Music Week. Every year during this crazy exciting week in Miami, we like to sit down with some of our favorite artists to chat about upcoming projects and life and everything in between. We sat down with Klingande, the French melodic house DJ.

Klingande is set out to tour the US and Europe in the next few months in a brand new intimate tour. On top of a new tour, Klingande is releasing his new album in September. Getting closer to the fans and changing things up in a live performance world. You can catch Klingande close to home at Paradiso 2019 at the Gorge. Check out the full interview to find out who Klingande admires and his secret to a killer pool party!

DMNW: Your new album’s coming out September 27. What can fans expect from this album?

Klingande: It’s going to be an A & B album. So, on the B album is going to be all my old stuff. And on the A album is going to be ten new songs that no one has heard before. It’s still in my area, you know, a lot of soloist guitar, voice. Real organic like I used to say about my kind of music. Happy music.

DMNW: The two sides, Album A and Album B, it’s a very unique idea. What made you come up with that idea?

Klingande: Did you know, I spoke about this album, since like 3 years ago. And I never made it, and it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was like okay, I’m going to give just everything I made since now to them. I think it’s a great way for people to discover my music. I made this album because I want to be able to perform it on stage with musicians, that’s the idea behind it. To just play my music, maybe with a full live band in the future.

I don’t know if you know Parov Stelar? They are like electro-swing kinda music. I like what they do because they just play the music live with just musicians. That is what I really appreciate.

DMNW: Your new song By the river was just released. Can you describe your creative process for that?

Klingande: So, on this one I remember I wrote the song, it was in London. Then the voice didn’t really fit what I wanted, then I had the idea of, oh I should send this song to Jamie N Commons because I think we need this kind of voice, like really grungy voice. And yeah, he liked the song, so he start singing on it and he really liked, because the guitar slide and stuff, its old school, it’s a really cool way of playing guitar. So yeah, that’s how we made it. Crazy.

Photo: Listen Up

DMNW: Your tour that is coming up, the intimate tour, for spring, it is touring North America and Europe. You always bring violinists and saxophone, incorporate live performance into your show, so what is it about the spring that is going be a little different, or set it apart from your other tours?

Klingande: Because we are going to play in really intimate venues. I am just going to play mostly songs of my album that no one has heard before. Maybe you know, maybe I’m going to play the song, maybe stop playing, just speak with the people, explain a little bit of story about some song. I don’t know, just to try to be more close to the crowd, that just a DJ set.

DMNW: That is very cool.

Klingande: Yeah, and also next year I’m also going to have, maybe instead of the violin, maybe have some guitar with me on stage. I’m going to see what’s the best for the set. It’s not about that, it’s just to connect more with the real fan.

DMNW: Speaking of live performers, who are some of your influences and favorite live performers?

Klingande: I’m a huge fan of Flume, for example, his flow is very crazy, I like how he produces music because I think that when producing music, he always think about when he’s going to play them on stage. So, when you see his live show, it makes a lot of sense. So, yeah we’ll say him and then we’ll say, I love the show of Kygo. Kygo has like, crazy show. You can’t compete, it’s just next level. So yeah, I think they’re two guys that I’m really…

DMNW: Have you met Kygo or Flume?

Klingande: Yeah, you know, Kygo is funny because when I started making music, he was really at his beginning and I was already on tour, so he used to come to my show and just see what I was doing and stuff. And then like, two months later, he just blew up. Yeah, I like this guy. And now I don’t get to see him anymore. I think he’s super busy.

DMNW: So have you thought about collabing together?

Klingande: I think we talked, I told him a very long time ago, so not anymore, but, of course. I would love to do that.

And Flume, I met him also, at a festival, you know like a groupie, I asked for a picture haha. I never do that. This time I had to do it. So, yeah, he was super cool. He knew my music, so I was super happy.

DMNW: What do you think about his new mixtape?

Klingande: It’s great. It’s like genius. It seems like it’s not a full album, it’s just fine with just a mixtape, and then he’s going to do his album. It’s crazy. It’s super creative and it can sound weird but in a cool way. I think he’s really influencing the music that’s going to come for the next year.

DMNW: Jay Alvarez was in your new music video. How did you meet him? How did that collab happen?

Klingande: I don’t know… We had the idea of this movie clip when we saw the script and we were like, we need this kind of guy. Someone, who wanted to jump from an airplane, and I think, it is him, you know? It just makes sense to take him. He was super cool, super chill during the day. Yeah, I think when you look at the new movie clip, it fits right?

DMNW: Right, it’s very Jay Alvarez, exactly. So, let’s talk about Miami music week, so this Sunday will be your fifth year for “playground pool party”. What is your favorite part about the playground pool party?

Klingande: For me, it’s one of the best party I do every year. I love coming here because I bring also all the DJ’s I like. So it’s a good opportunity to just be with your friends, and just do music together, so it’s something unique. I don’t do that at any other moments of the year. It’s very special. And the vibe is very great, you’re just here to party. I always play on the last day of the week, so everyone is very into it. They go hard in the week and, my vibe is great for the end of the week. I expect this year is going to be as good as the other year.

DMNW: What would you say are some must-haves to have a really popping pool party at home?

Klingande: Good wine and good music and you need to have your friends. I love this pool party because I love seeing my friends playing. Just going on stage, enjoying the music. It’s cool, you know? It’s not like, oh, I’m playing, so no one go on stage. No, it’s just, if you want to go onstage and just play together. It’s cool.

DMNW: So you are coming to Paradiso this summer at the gorge. Kind of looking ahead, what can fans, new fans, and current fans expect from your set?

Klingande: My set is evolving a lot right now, because of the albums. I still don’t know, if I’m going to play my music or other. I’m just figuring that out right now, and I’m testing stuff to see how people react. But, most of the time, when I’m just playing happy vibe music, I don’t go really hard. I just want people to have a smile at the end of the show. It’s more about that. Just having a good time. Sometimes I go a little bit harder, but hey. Sometimes. When I really want to push it.

DMNW: Absolutely. Are there any last words you would like to add? Or, any wise words from you?

Klingande: Just want to thank the support I get, I think it’s been nearly five years. It is crazy to see people following you through the year, still liking your music. So I’m glad for that, for me, I just hope they’re going to like the new album. You know, it’s like you’re giving everything, all the things you are working for two years, to one moment. It’s quite a special feeling.

Will you be catching Klingande at Paradiso? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!