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Kremwerk Launches New Deep Techno Night: “Depth”

What are you doing on Thursdays? We ask because Kremwerk has started a new techno night called Depth. The Timbre Room/Kremwerk complex is known for bringing a wide range of musical styles, genres, and artists, and Depth is just another in their diverse lineup of shows. Completely devoted to techno, both deep and underground, Depth offers local DJs in Timbre Room and international DJs in Kremwerk.

What began as a Wednesday night at Club Contour over a year and a half ago has grown in both scope and style. Creators Cory Simpson, Alex Flores, Jeremy Beledaiko had a singular vision in mind: Create a place where fellow DJs could come together to play with one another, and not take everything so seriously. It is this same vision that has led Depth to a new home at Kremwerk.

We talked with Cory about what drives Depth and what the core values of this night are.

“We took an approach to not take it very seriously as it was a Wednesday [at Club Contour], and just do what we do at home and play good music for one another. But, it worked and it caught on, and we started being able to bring artists from outside of Seattle to come and play. Sort of a break in to the scene affair.”

Now it’s become much more than just DJs and crews coming together to play music they don’t normally get the chance to play live. It has become a place where international artists can play, often for the first time in Seattle such as resident Sharlese who had never played in Seattle before.

The focus moving forward will be on the music, specifically techno which is still considered an underground genre.

“We want to push and promote and help expose those that have a particular vision, voice, and sound within the concept of underground techno. We bring international artists who play at the best clubs in the world to Kremwerk once a month, to show not only Seattle the most cutting edge and visionary artists, but also expose those artists to our community.”

The community is important in building and maintaining quality club nights, and that’s what Cory and his co-creators are seeking to keep building upon by providing opportunities for artists to play and expand their promotional reach across the west coast. Giving artists the ability to play not just in Seattle but beyond; techno lives in Seattle, and it will only grow exponentially from here.

If you are a techno artist or have interest in playing techno live, contact Cory Simpson directly with a mix of yours and he’ll determine when and if you’ll be a part of Depth at Kremwerk. They are always looking for new, unrecognized talent so don’t be shy! Say hey, and maybe you’ll get the opportunity to really shine.

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