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Looking back at Lido’s adventurous second album 6 weeks Later

In the past we’ve gushed about how we think Lido is one of the most underrated producers in dance music. The music and his style are much more important than any kind of fame. Now with the music in mind Lido recently released Peder on Sept. 25. Lido chose this album title because Peder is his legal first name.

We’ve had about six weeks of time to fully process and digest Lido’s new album. We hope that with extra time we can analyze Peder in a different light. There is a lot going on in his album so lets dive right into the music. Prepare for an intergalactic journey.

Please Fasten Your Seatbelt – Here’s the intergalactic R&B that Chad Hugo mentioned when working with Lido. It’s spacey it’s different. A lot of songs on Lido’s first album felt dark whereas songs like this are sunshine. A fun production technique that Lido used was the alarm clock introduction that helped it feel like waking up and starting the day.

Part Time – This has gotten stuck in our heads the most. This one grew on us and then we got obsessed. Did you catch the transition at the 2-minute mark? Lido builds up Part Time with a hum inspired melody. Then he transitions to what feels like another song. Lido’s voice is our introduction to part 2.

Postclubridehomemusic – One of the singles beforehand. Is the climax of the album always the most exciting? That’s right, Lido saved probably the most hype song for second to last on Peder. The high energy punch at the end is exactly what we needed.

Pure/Santiago –  At the end of Pure it feels like we completely transitioned into another track. Lido is intentionally trying to trick us when he transitions into Santiago. Listen to the lyrics for a moment. It’s fun to think about the girl that Lido mentions on track. We have a lot of questions about this mysterious girl but the fun part lies in fantasy.

The production is next level on Pure/Santiago. If you’ve read our articles in the past you understand how much the small details in songs really make a difference. Pure/Santiago is actually stylized as two different tracks. This is because at around 2:45 the track goes silent until 2:56 where Santiago comes in. Santiago follows a similar structure as Pure.

It’s the clean transition that we heard in Part Time, but done differently. As the last track on Peder it actually feels like the album ends, but then it’s brought back to life for 90 seconds.

Is this an R&B album? EDM? Definitely experimental and Lido definitely doesn’t focus too hard on making one certain sound. Lido’s singing has definitely improved. On his original album from 2016 he felt the pressure to use audio effects. For Peder he used hardly any or very little audio effects. For someone who is not by any means a singer it is good to see them grow confidence in their voice.

Peder vs Everything

How does Peder compare to Lido’s original album? His past album Everything had a darker and realistic vibe. Everything was a welcome to the dark truths of life, a journey that showed us how to persevere. Peder is a celebration of life. Peder is the answer to the question, “What next? … How do I spend the rest of my days?”

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1 Comment

  1. jessica

    April 20, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    I like their performance

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!