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Find your new favorite artist: Lido

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Lido was the executive producer on Halsey’s 2015 debut album Badlands. Not to mention he has production credits for Chance the Rapper and Jaden Smith. Like Chet Porter, Lido may have anonymously “ghost” produced some songs too.

The 26-year-old’s successful production credits have led him to not partake in the grueling tour schedule that most performers are subjected to. For that, Lido has not performed since 2017.

Any electronic music fans from 2013/14 remember Trippy Turtle? Lido and Trippy Turtle are two separate projects crafted by the same person, Peder Losnegård.

Lido officially retired the Trippy Turtle project in 2018. The last Trippy Turtle show was at the one and only Foundation Nightclub on February 10, 2018.

Without the Trippy Turtle project and no touring schedule Lido’s life is very simple, he creates music. Lido is getting closer to finishing his second album!!!

Recently in July, Chad Hugo from the Neptunes and Lido met in the studio to talk music. Hugo, the Hall of Fame record producer has nicknamed Lido’s upcoming album “Galactic R&B.”

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Galactic R&B 🛸🛸

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The Music:

Lido debuted multiple songs from his first studio album Everything at Coachella 2016. The complete album was released later the same year. Everything is pure music gold and is a must-listen for my experimental music fans.

We could elaborate for paragraphs, but simply put, Lido’s music is different. He features heavy drums, orchestral instruments, and so much more. Lido has been categorized as trip-hop, but you could find a handful of definitions to describe his music.

Listen to Lido’s hip hop project that he produced for J’Von titled Spacesuit, in Spring of 2018.

Or how about a solo project? In Fall 2018 Lido released a double-sided EP. IOU1 & IOU2. The two are polar opposites, one is heavenly and uplifting, while the other is realistic and dark.

Craving more information on Lido? Find out Everything there is to know in his XXLMagazine interview. 

Is Lido the most underrated producer of 2019? Who should we highlight next in our series? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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