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The DnB Sample Pack to Rule Them All: ‘Drum & Bass Disruption’

cred: Hybris

American-born, Czech-relocated Hybris is an electronic musician with releases on some of the most renown labels in quality drum and bass, including Metalheadz and Critical. After making monster waves in the Washington DC DnB scene, he moved to Prague and spent years crafting a unique but familiar sound which piqued the interest of the likes of Mefjus and Noisia.

His first album, Emergence, was released on Noisia’s Invisible Recordings in 2014, and was met with critical acclaim across genres. He followed this in 2015 with a dancefloor-oriented EP, entitled Transgressor, which was also met with support across the industry. Hybris has situated himself as his own distinctive brand of highly intricate and focused sonic weaponry, always pushing electronic music forward in incredibly innovative and unforeseeable ways.

Sample packs are a great way to get lots of valuable material for your music, all at once. An exclusive collaboration between Hybris and Loopmasters puts together a massive selection of Hybris’ Field Recordings, Drum Machines and Soft Synths run through an EMU E5000 Sampler for some gritty textures.

For those unfamiliar with this sampler, it imparts a sonically-rich quality on the sounds run through it, and it sounds amazing! This rare collection brings 1.12 GB of futuristic presets, loops, and sounds to your productions. And they work awesomely among a variety of genres, just like Hybris’ productions that synthesize DnB, house, and a lots more.

Compared to other packs we’ve acquired over the years, free and paid, this one definitely secures a confident top-10 position. The biggest takeaway is how these sounds can be used in just about everything. To top it off, there are no bad eggs in the bunch; clearly Hybris put some serious consideration into this collection. Each included element stands alone, while also coordinating well with the others.

The selection is available in a variety of formats for your convenience, including Ableton, Apple, and Reason variants for your DAW of choice. There also is the option to just pick up the WAVs, if you’re more inclined to go that route.

cred: Loopmasters

Here’s what Hybris had to say about this one-of-a-kind collection:

“I wanted to give people the sort of sounds I typically make for my music, building up a selection of killer sounds before making tracks from them. I hope people will slice and stretch them for all sorts of different genres – don’t be afraid to use them as a starting point for inspiration and totally mangle them, that’s what it’s all about!”

Hybris’ Drum & Bass Disruption starts at £8.95 and is only £29.95 (apprx. 40 USD) for the whole shebang. It’s fantastic value for any electronic music producer interested in moody and complex sonic elements. You can even download a taster pack for free, or listen to some examples provided by Loopmasters to get a good feel for what’s included.

Check out Loopmasters’ website for more awesome sample packs, including a number of other notable artist collaborations. You can easily find any style or element you need in their enormous catalog of professional material, without fail. Pick up some material while they still have a sale going, to celebrate their recently debuted application Loopcloud. It’s the brand new tool for browsing and managing all your samples, MIDI files and presets. It also aids you with bringing them into your DAW via drag and drop or the accompanying digital Loopcloud plugin that syncs to the tempo of your DAW.

Whats your favorite sample company or pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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