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Less is More: The Lost Frequencies Interview [Freaknight 2016]

Lost Frequencies Interview Freaknight 2016

Giving Them What They Want …

He’s all about giving the crowd what they want and leaving an impression when it’s all over. Predictably, we lost our minds when he dropped Jump Around and Next Episode. Predictably, because apparently it’s no secret that Americans love their hip hop. Damn.

“I have my little hip hop part of my set that I try to put into it because when I’m in the US, I try to get the vibe from the crowd. It’s really different from Europe. I’m trying to get into it and I know that hip hop here is like… I have these special versions where it goes hip hop, then it goes deep house, so I like to play that.”

So not only is he out to make a mark with his own sound, but Lost Frequencies is definitely a crowd- pleaser, too. Speaking of hip-hop, he spilled to us that not only does he want to work with Kid Cudi, but he has CeeLo Green on his list too. “He has such amazing groove, and he has a cool vibe, and I think it would be really cool to work with him.”

… And What They Need

What it comes down to at the end of the day is that Felix wants to be something different in a sea of uniformity. His goal for the crowd is simple, that “when they go back home, maybe it wasn’t as energetic as other sets, but it was a good moment and it was different from what [else] they heard.”

There’s definitely a certain theme, and some favorite songs that seem to find their way into most mainstage sets, and even side-stage sets. Comparing the Ultra Music Festival live stream from four years ago to this year, “people were jumping all the way from A to Z, start to finish. Now people jump for two seconds, then they stand and watch because they’ve heard all the music.”

Felix doesn’t expect or want you to jump through the entire set either, but for a completely different reason. “I want to do something special, maybe something different from what they’re used to. So sometimes they’re more listening to the music, maybe not jumping, but like having a good time, and that’s what I want.”

What started with one big remix has turned into so much more: a mission to offer something familiar but different to an audience seeking more. We’ve come a long way in a matter of just a few years, and both audiences and artists are feeling the shift.

“Now people, they’re looking for something still electronic but different. I think that my album is something really different from what they’re used to, and I like it. I like to know that when people look for something different, they see my album and they listen to it, and it’s kind of poppy but still dance, and it’s a cool mix of it and I’m really happy, and hopefully people have a good time listening to the album.”

So the next time you’re just plain over the generic mainstage festival sound, take a deep breath, and check out Less is More. There couldn’t be a more fitting title for a work that is so joyfully simple and happy. It’s the definition of good vibes, and Felix De Laet is the definition of EDM’s future. Speaking of EDM, he’s not hating on it, “It’s still a lot of fun. [People] just have to listen to stuff they like and do whatever they want.”

So go out there and chase your dreams, and remember that when it comes to music you have options. Don’t be afraid to seek out the unfamiliar, because that’s when you have a chance to discover the truly unique.

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