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Markus Schulz Slayed Unicorns at 45 East in Portland (Review)

markus schulz blue stage

The man, the legend, the unicorn slayer came, and slayed. Portland was lucky enough to have Markus Schulz pay them a visit, and it was a beautiful night of trance. Red Cube and Play Saturdays presented Markus Schulz this June, with opener local Jamie Meushaw. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Markus Schulz, and the way he talked about his music got us excited to see the work in action.

As always, 45 East was on their A game when it came to getting everyone in and keeping people safe. It was easy to get drinks, water and get around the venue. A good staff definitely makes nights going out easier.

Jamie Meushaw kicked off the night bringing us into a state of trance as the only opener for Markus Schulz. The vibes were perfect that night. As we walked in there were shuffling circles, and welcoming energy. The encouragement that we saw through out the dance floor started up front with Markus and Jamie.

Markus Schulz has been in the music industry for many years, he and knows his audience. His set took us on a journey. He was like a music conductor on the decks, conducting the crowd. Like any show you go to people become invested in the producer and their music, we had seen that before, but nothing quite like he did. Peoples bodies and minds were invested in his music. One attendee went as far as to say, “trance saves lives.”

Throughout the night he dropped many tracks, and our favorite being his new track, Running Up That Hill. A number of times he asked how the Portland Trance Family was doing? This only highlighted the bond people share in the trance community. The love and connection with producer, trance and the crowd was crazy to see. If you have not experienced a trance show, we highly suggest it. There was much love through out the venue. With a smaller venue we were spoiled with a more intimate performance, compared to EDC or Paradiso, but the production was just as good.

Shout out to all the shufflers that night, you all killed it! Showing off their skills but also sharing tips to onlookers. We learned that the idea of the trance community is still here, and that music has the power to take over a room, and capture a group of people.

Though trance is not the biggest genre played in Portland, when Markus Schulz comes to Portland, trance fans come out. If you did not have the opportunity to see Markus Schulz this time around, make sure to see him the next time he is on the West Coast, or if you have the chance, travel and see his Dakota show!

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