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Markus Schulz On How Reiki Birthed The Nine Skies Project (Interview)

Markus Schulz’s recent tour, Dakota, is more than just a show. The show that took a year to set takes you on a journey, and has been described as, “life changing.” With new tracks, videos and even a philosophy, we had to know how this all came to be. Luckily, we had the opportunity to talk to the legend himself about Dakota, touring, and The Nine Skies Project.

The once up-and-comer turned legend has been pretty busy. He has released a number of new tracks, a music video, and has been on tour. Mota-Mota is the first track to come out of his 2017 The Nine Skies Project, which he worked on with his Producer, Koen Groeneveld. Koen and Markus were fans of each others’ work, and this made for an amazing track that puts together trance and techno.

Running Up That Hill is his most recent track and music video. He worked with Bev Wild for vocals. This pairing for the track happened by mistake, but turned out beautiful. Bev Wild had been wanting to get in the studio prior to recording Running Up That Hill, and her love for 80s music made Markus think of her. When they went into the studio, he knew he had found the perfect person for the song.

The music video for Running Up That Hill was directed by Markus Schulz’s girlfriend and was filmed in Paris. With three gorgeous, charismatic women on camera, and an amazing setting and song, the video is sure to impress. Markus said the video is “about somebody in the dark, trying to find the light, but the darkness keeps chasing them.”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Markus Schulz’s Nine Skies, we highly suggest it. He got the idea from studying Reiki and has built his own philosophy on it.

“I was studying Reiki, and in Reiki they say you go through these 9 steps over many life times. Reiki is about reincarnation and everything. As I was studying it, I realized that these are steps that people go through in 1 lifetime, in some way. So I put together the 9 skies kind of like my own philosophy, but its based on Reiki. A lot of people have told me they can really identify with it and be inspired by it as well. I think right now with everything that is going on in the world it is great to just kind of like try to inspire people and give people hope.”

Markus Schulz sees himself in the activist role right now in his life. The activist is all about making a difference. When it comes to his Nine Skies Project, it seems that he has figured out that with all the horrible things going on in the news, and in our world, he can be an activist for something good.

If you have ever been to a trance show, you may have noticed the togetherness and bond between attendees and producers. People have found a community in trance. Markus Schulz has noticed a number of familiar faces when it comes to different cities.

“The thing about the trance community is they travel around. So I feel like if I’m playing in LA or if I’m playing in Miami, New York or even Amsterdam, London, I see a lot of familiar faces because people fly from all over the place. Trance community is so loyal and so passionate, that they travel a lot. So when it comes to just the trance community it feels like a global community.”

He has been described as a legend, but Markus Schulz believes that he is still perfecting his art: “As an artist you’re always struggling with your art, ya know. Maybe that’s where I’m at, the self struggle of trying to master my purpose.” He plans on continuing to tour and build his Nine Skies Tour.

Markus Schulz describes himself as a perfectionist, and will continue to make his show and work better. We are excited to see what else he will come up with. Make sure to check out his new work and keep up to date via his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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