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Midnight Raver Becomes Midnight Apparel, and is Growing Like Crazy

Expanding the Midnight Horizons

A new name in the local Seattle music scene popped up at the end of last year [2017]. Midnight Apparel, bringing us all the latest in street-ware fashion, announced who they are and what they plan to bring to our community. If the name strikes you as familiar, its because we at DMNW already know and trust them. By same the creators of Midnight Raver Clothing, Midnight Apparel aims to provide local artists with a valuable resource for branding via merchandise.

Starting as a small company in 2015, Midnight Raver received an unprecedented amount of love and support from the local music scene. This company reached massive heights in a very short amount of time, and the number of local artists who sought out their sponsorship became too many for one small company to handle. As Midnight Raver grew, so did the desire to scale the company. Having always toyed with the possibility of moving into street-ware, it was easy for the company to commit to the idea.

Bass Therapy: SoSleepyy’s Pajama Party (Midnight Apparel Launch Party)

On January 19th, Midnight Apparel will be making their debut at STAGE nightclub. Musicians from all genres are encouraged to come, even those outside of electronic music. Having a contract partnership with the resident artists at STAGE nightclub has these guys off to a great start to this new year. However, they have made it abundantly clear that they are open to working with many different partners. Featured below is the new model the company recently released to let everyone know they are open for business.

Those package titles are enticing just in the sheer creativity. A little sense of humor never hurt when doing business!

Midnight Apparel

It can be extremely pricey to seek out quality merchandise for your fanbase at an affordable price. Most up-and-coming artists already struggle with holding down multiple jobs in order to make ends meet while chasing their dreams. Midnight Apparel wants to make it easier for the musical creatives to be able to express themselves and connect with their fans. On their site is a variety of different tabs for musicians of all types!

What Does This Mean for Midnight Raver?

While the company has expanded their reach, customers will be happy to know that Midnight Raver is still very much alive. In a recent Facebook post, the company explained that Midnight Raver is undergoing a re-branding. However, Midnight Apparel is, in fact, its own separate entity and not the re-branding of Midnight Raver. Read the full post below!

PSA Hello all you Midnight Ravers, We want to say we hope all had an amazing holiday. We would like to apologize for being quiet for so long we are currently undergoing a re-brand. It’s the best action for our company. No Midnight Apparel is not our re-brand. However go support them as they are going to revolutionize the street-wear industry. As for us, we will be back late 2018-early 2019. Thank you. We love you all and appreciate your support over the years. #seeyousoon”

When asked about the future of Midnight Raver, they assured us news would be coming soon and that they still cherish their geometric-galactic roots. With the new re-branding will come consistent merchandise every quarter from the company we have all come to depend on for our music-wear needs.

Make sure to check out Midnight Apparel’s new website, and read up about their new winter line Kill The Ego.

What’s your favorite street-wear accessory? Let us know in the comments!

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