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Moore Kismet churns out latest emotionally charged single ‘Drift’

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If there’s one up-and-coming artist discovery you take away this year, let it be Moore Kismet. Unleashing creatively expansive release after release the past six months and live streaming virtual festivals, they’re becoming a household name.

Rather than drifting to the forefront of bass music, Kismet is catapulting. Their new single Drift featuring Bajillionaire is yet another example of a completely new Moore Kismet sound. Listen to Drift below, out now on Bassrush Records.

Drift’s enormously complex emotions

Drift starts off reminiscent of a touching ballad with lovelorn lyrics. Claps build up the bridge of “drift away, drift away, drift away,” until the first drop splashes sliding synth keys in a haphazard way.

True to Moore Kismet’s intention of the song, “Drift is about watching someone you used to love who hurt you deeply drift away and out of your life. It’s meant to show the chaotic thought process of a breakup and the emotions that ensue.”

Kismet’s disarrayed drop emphasizes the chaotic thoughts of a breakup, and the unpolished vocals of Bajillionaire round the emotional grasp of the track.

Waiting patiently for a Moore Kismet tour in the PNW

Although it appears the 15-year-old producer has yet to tour the Pacific Northwest, their Seattle listener base is fifth highest in the country.

After garnering support from B.C.’s Whipped Cream and Excision, it’s entirely possible that a Northwest stop is imminent in the future (once it’s safe for touring to resume sometime in the near or distant future). As an artist reimagining the bounds of bass music, Moore Kismet could very well shape the Northwest’s most popular subgenre.

Above all, it’s uncertain what the next year will hold for Moore Kismet. With an impressive catalog of releases on Never Say Die, and now Bassrush, their future is bright. As they churn out consistently different dubstep and trap there’s no box large enough to contain their style. Listen to Drift out now, and expect to hear much more of Moore Kismet.

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