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Mutants Presents Brotherly Love : Lunde Bros

lunde bros mutants presents volume 2 press photo

Christopher and Niklas Lunde, Lunde Bros

Swedish duo Lunde Bros are a rare breed of adult siblings. Not only do they get along swimmingly, they work extremely well together, maintaining a focused and driven musical career as a rising house duo. We all know how it can be on bad days working with a partner or colleague. And when it’s your own family, sometimes the problems and frustrations can excel, causing an all-out sibling rivalry that knows no work-related bounds. Not the Lunde Bros. In fact, it seems as though that’s never an issue with Christopher and Niklas in the studio, nor outside of it. We had to ask: What’s their secret to smooth-sailing as a dynamic family duo?

[quote style=”1″ author=”Lunde Bros”]We respect each others’ patience about our dreams and work. We’ve always treated each other with respect, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Personally, I find that to be what separates us from other brotherly duos.[/quote]

lunde bros mutants presents volume 2 live photo

“We’ve always wanted to produce a different and authentic style.” -Christopher and Niklas Lunde

Their respect for one another has opened up so many possibilities for both Christopher and Niklas, allowing their music to stretch beyond one distinct style and have two-times the creativity and innovation behind it. Since the beginning, the Lunde Bros have set out to make what’s honestly their own, and have remained faithful to that founding principle moving forward.

[quote style=”1″ author=”Lunde Bros”]Since the beginning, we’ve always wanted to produce a different and authentic style that can create a special feeling for the listeners. Now a few years into our project, we still have the same mindsets. We want to display a wide variety in our music, and still like to show that. [/quote]

Their distinct style is ever-present in their past releases, as well in their latest project, Mutants Presents Lunde Bros, where the brothers feature seven of thier fresh new tracks. Among their own releases, Mutants Presents showcases a handful of other stand-out Mutants artists including fellow brother-duo Myback, Dean Cohen, HELENA, and label-head John Dahlback. As this compilation is only the second volume of Mutants Presents, the Lunde Bros know just how massive the opportunity was for them, which fueled their musical fire even bigger than ever before.

[quote style=”1″ author=”Lunde Bros”] “Opportunities like this don’t come along all that often, so we really wanted to seize the moment and provide fans and listeners an element of unique originality. There’s so many tools to digitally mix music, not to mention platforms to present or distribute it on, so we really felt it important we set the album apart from the crowd.”[/quote]

Being chosen by John Dahlback as the new torch-bearers was a tremendous career highlight of it’s own, considering just how much these brothers have already looked up to him as a musical icon.

[quote style=”1″ author=”Lunde Bros”]John has always been a big inspiration, and a great role model for our creativity in music. With his presence, we have been able to learn so many new things we would have otherwise never found out about.  [/quote]

john dahlback mutants presents lunde bros

“I couldn’t think of anyone better to hand the ‘Mutants Presents series over to.” -Mutants Records label-head John Dahlback

Following the first volume Mutants Presents compiled by John Dahlback himself, the brothers had some serious shoes to fill. But it seems as though Mr. Dahlback saw in them what the brothers have aspired to become, and he could not be more proud of their accomplishment and their album selections.

[quote style=”1″ author=”John Dahlback”]“I couldn’t think of anyone better to hand the Mutants Presents series over to. When you invite people to take on a compilation project, you’re involvement kinda ends there; the level of creativity and overall sound is a reflection of them so you have to step back and let the artists do their thing. In this instance, just reading the tracklist alone demonstrates how much effort the Lunde Bros put into the project. I couldn’t be prouder of this second installment. [Mutants] Presents  is going to be an ongoing series and the brothers have undoubtedly set the bar very high!”[/quote]

One of their featured Mutants Presents releases is Jump Up, an energetic house groove with a complex, tropical-fused percussion beat and a funky synth bassline. The song starts out fresh and free, and builds up into a solid, driven and all-out festival-worthy favorite.

[quote style=”1″ author=”Christopher and Niklas Lunde”]We had some ideas in the studio that were unfinished, so we took them out for a listen and had a great feeling with a project called Jump Up. There was just a sort of joy that came out of the speakers in the studio, so we decided to finish it. I think it was important to preserve that feeling during the completion process.  [/quote]

With nothing but opportunity awaiting them, the Lunde Bros look forward to another summer booked with festivals and family time. Although that means a lot more time spent in close quarters, they do it for each other. Respect for one another remains the top priority, and from there, nothing is impossible. And if there is anything these two have ever agreed on the most, it is making the most of the chances they are given, and turning them into something incredibly special – and Mutants Presents Lunde Bros is undoubtedly one of them.

lunde bros mutants presents volume 2

OK, we lied.  The brothers refuse to agree on one very serious issue: “If dark chocolate is good or not!” But they do agree on mom & dad: “Our parents are our superheroes for sure!” – Christopher and Niklas Lunde

Preview and purchase the entire Mutants Presents Lunde Bros compilation album here! 

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!