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Myon & Shane 54 and Their Chicken Pox Story (Christmas & New Year’s Eve 2013)

Myon & Shane 54 - Podcast - International Departures - Chicken - Pox - Christmas - New Years Eve - 2013

We don’t quite know what to make of this, so we had to share it with you. Less of a music-related article, and more of a therapeutic journal entry..

In the midst of settling down to do some writing, we thought it best to throw on Myon & Shane 54’s latest International Departures episode – and let the soothing progressive house drift our minds to blissful audio heaven. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks! So much family, so many days off, it’s hard to get back to normal. In dire need of music therapy, we plugged in and pressed play. But what started out as an uplifting, serene five minutes of Myon & Shane 54’s mix, immediately took a turn for the.. well.. you be the judge. We won’t spoil the boils (I mean, secrets), but it sounds like whatever you had to complain about this Holiday season is now coal-dust compared to what Myon & Shane 54 had to endure..

myon & shane 54 - podcast - international departures - sickness

Contagious or not.. We love Myon & Shane 54.

Either the duo is entering the New Year as 2014’s biggest fan trolls, or they literally take the dried fruitcake for WORST Holiday story of the season. We feel so incredibly bad/sad/weirded out, we don’t know whether to hug them when we see them at Showbox at the end of the month, or completely stay away from them.. Thankfully, this depressing welcome message ends with some good news for Myon & Shane 54, as they’ve made Ukranian history with both of their tracks Strangers and Lie To Me topping the US dance charts. Hopefully the new year brings better luck for these two, but until then.. count your blessings and be thankful your pox came early!

Need some therapy now, too? Listen here, and imagine seeing this live.. now go get your tickets! (Info below.)

Purchase tickets to Myon & Shane 54 alongside Late Night Alumni at The Showbox Market on January 31st right here.

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