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Need some feel good house? Check out Colorsick’s new single, ‘Nobody’

Album cover art for Nobody by Colorsick
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We get it: it’s the middle of February, it’s cold and rainy outside. Spring and warmer weather may be just around the corner, but it can’t come fast enough. If you’re desperately dreaming of an escape that allows you to ditch your three layers of sweaters, it’s your lucky day today.

Budding house artist Colorsick just released a vibrant, feel-good track sure to raise those serotonin levels. Listen to Nobody, out now on Wax Motif’s Divided Souls label, and check out our review below.

Right out of the gate, Nobody comes in hot with a happy and bouncing beat. That same light feeling is locked in throughout the track, peppered in with a distorted vocal sample singing the title of the song. At first glance, it seems repetitive, but in reality it rings a clean and tidy sound. It’s also unique to have a song that feels so effortless but still ties in melodies and instrumentals.

The buildup to the second drop is where the whole song really comes together. The typical hi-hat and four on the floor drum pattern characteristic to house music morphs into more of an electro style consistent with big room artists like Martin Garrix or Hardwell. But instead of following suit, Colorsick deviates from the norm to include more melodies and instrumentals and ties it all together through the final drop.

Although this song is only a cool three minutes long, it’s one that could easily be looped on repeat. It’s a breath of fresh air and sunshine, which we could all use a little more of in the Pacific Northwest.

The future’s bright for new producer Colorsick

Based out of Tampa, Florida, the young producer known as Colorsick is something of an enigma still. With less that 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, we don’t know much about him. But the artist behind the label who signed the track, Wax Motif, might have been ahead of all of us.

This is Colorsick’s second release with Wax’s Divided Souls imprint, the first of which came out late 2020. Called Like You, the artist ties in that same melodic and positive vibe. Both singles could easily be considered dance-friendly hits.

Although this is the first time we’d heard of Colorsick, we’re excited to hear what’s next. So sit back with some headphones on, fire up the vitamin D Happy Light, and start your weekend with some melodic house. Listen to Nobody by Colorsick, out now on Divided Souls.

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