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‘Hi This Is Flume’ Reminds Us Of What A Mixtape Should Be

(Photo by Cybele Malinowski)

The Australian born producer has carefully planned his every move for the past 15 months. If you weren’t aware Flume took a break from touring in early 2018. Good things come to those that wait. Flume has awarded our patience with 38 minutes of new music. On March 20, 2019, Flume released the Hi This Is Flume mixtape. The full 17-song tracklist can be found on Spotify.

The term mixtape moniker allows Flume some freedom, avoiding the same pressure as albums. Hi This Is Flume executes new ideas and sounds. It’s clear that Flume chose to release an EP rather than an album so that he would not feel forced to compete with his past work.

Flume’s unique style is evident throughout, and all 38 minutes sound fresh. He shows his skill in creating new music while simultaneously holding onto his signature sounds, samples, and rhythms.

Hi This Is Flume features songs of various specifications. A number of these tracks are fully composed ideas, such as Jewel, a three minute long instrumental that feels like an up and downhill adventure. On the other hand, Flume selected hip hop artists like slowthai and JPEGMAFIA to reach a high level of energy.

The label of an EP/Mixtape allowed Flume to release small songs like Mud, Upgrade, and 71m3. These three songs are all under two minutes in length. They function as grimy individual moments.

Throughout the EP, all tracks are mixed together to make one full-length experience. Mud, Upgrade, and 71m3 play one after another on the mixtape. When the three songs are mixed in sync it is such a powerful moment. Every drop is heavier and more complex than the previous.

Standout Tracks:

How To Build A Relationship features the previously mentioned JPEGMAFIA. Flume and this hip hop artist work so well together. Their styles match and blend like peanut butter and jelly. Flume is no stranger to powerful hip hop tracks.

You might recall his releases featuring rap lyrics: Smoke & Retribution from Skin, and Enough off his Skin Companion EP 2.

Daze 22.00 is easily the standout instrumental on this mixtape for us, coming in towards the end at 15th on the track list. We notice a slower BPM with bass that packs a punch. This is the first song that needs to be played with subwoofers. Daze 22.00 symbolizes the climax of the album. We reach our highest point with a strong ending ahead.

Flume isn’t trying to outdo his sophomore album Skin. Try your best to not compare these two separate collections, and celebrate new music. Turn on your favorite speakers, pull out your headphones, and get ready for Flume’s music to touch your eardrums.

How excited are you for the return of Flume!?! Favorite song from the mixtape? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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