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Files scattered on a desktop. Album art for Flume
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New album from Flume gives rare look into his musical evolution with tracks dating back to 2012

Flume recently released a new album, Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan. The album is a collection of previously unreleased WAV files dated as far back as 2012 and is a beautiful showcase of the range and creative ear Flume possesses. The album is a clear glance into how Flume’s sound has evolved.

The 10-track album released on February 8th, 2023 came as a happy surprise to fans and music lovers alike. Even though the songs included are from varying years, they come together cohesively and fluidly. This demonstrates Flume’s talent; he is able to remain true to his sound while bending the norm of what electronic music can truly sound like.

The Sydney, Australia native is one of the most significant electronic artists to arise in the past decade with classics such as Never Be Like You (feat. Kai), as well as his remix of You & Me with Disclosure, Eliza Doolittle.

All we’d expect from a new Flume album and more

Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan begins with Counting Sheep (V2) [2018 Export Wav] feat. Injury Reserve. This song sets the tone for the rest of the album, with its unique sound design and drums. It’s darker than a lot of Flume tracks, with heavy bass and rap bringing the song together seamlessly.

The rest of the album has songs that contain the more typical Flume sound we all know and love—the breathy synths, the pads, and the harmonics. It’s all captured here effortlessly. Flume is a master of his craft, and his sound is timeless. Rhinestone 1.7.2 [2018 Export Wav]—Flume feat. Isabella Manfredi seems to draw upon R&B influences and brings a relaxed feel. Dream 1.2.2 [2016 Export Wav] is much more ambient and eclectic. The song builds gradually and brings a more imaginative, flowing feel.

The songs on this album are so calming to listen to. For instance, Why 1.3 [2012 Export Wav]—Flume, is like a warm hug to the ears. There’s something so nostalgic and familiar about the sound of older Flume. It’s like a teleportation device to summer and fond memories. The serene sounds of One Step Closer 1.4 [2012 Export Wav] feat. Panda Bear are like a sweet lullaby. The lyrics are cathartic and heartfelt as well. The song is so soothing and complements the following song on the track list really well.

SPOKE 2 ALIENS FINALLY 1.3 [2020 Export Wav]—Flume, the following song, is much more abstract, arrhythmic, and experimental. Almost sinister sounding, the ambient chord progressions give the song a sense of direction and leave the listener open to any kind of progression. This song shows that Flume can truly create beautiful music out of anything—even sounds that initially may sound like they don’t fall in place together. Flume shows us that they will indeed fall in place, to just trust, and to appreciate the process and musical journey he is taking us on.


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A glimpse into the producer journey

This album is so worth listening to and has something that will appeal to all. Flume truly solidifies his power as an artist on this album. This album is also a striking representation of what the music producer’s journey must be like—the album cover displays a desktop full of scattered song files.

It is hard to imagine how many amazing songs happened to be not released. Hopefully, the emergence of Flume releasing old songs like this as a collective can also set an example or encourage others to do the same. It shows that it really isn’t important whether an artist wrote a song 1 year ago or 9. Just releasing and sharing it with the world is such a gift.

Flume has always been an innovator, in his sound, his aesthetic, his album covers, and even his unique mixtapes. Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan is an absolute masterpiece full of a refreshing mix of sounds. We can’t wait to see what more Flume has in store, and hope you check out the album!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!