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Counting Our Blessings With Nitti Gritti (Exclusive Interview)

We were treated to a night filled with jolly spine-shaking bass at NGHTMRE’s annual NGHTMRE Before XMAS tour at the Tacoma Dome. Joining him on tour was Miami-based DJ-producer Nitti Gritti who has taken huge strides in his career this year. From releasing an endless number of hits and chart-topping remixes to taking on major festivals such as Audiotistic, Beyond SoCal, and EDC Orlando.

His unique blend of future bass, trap, and house captivated listeners across the world. It is no secret that Nitti Gritti is a force to be reckoned with. On Saturday night, he ruthlessly dropped bangers after bangers, and as if that wasn’t enough, his incredible stage presence and energy drove the crowd wild and left us wanting more. His performance was a true testament to his talent as a multi-dimensional producer.

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with the talented and humble rising star after his set. We talked about his growth as an artist, charity work, future projects, and so much more. Just last month, Nitti Gritti performed at EDC Orlando. Not only did he play at the Circuit Grounds, but he also played at the Corona Electric Beach stage. He spoke about how his performance this year compared to last year’s.

“It was just like a big step up, I worked really hard to go from the Art Car to an actual main stage. I was just happy about that. I don’t mind working and I like earning it so it felt really good to one step and then move up to the next step.”

Life Between Haiti and the States

Nitti Gritti has spent a significant amount of his childhood years in Haiti. He moved to the Caribbean country back in 2000. Then moved back and forth between Haiti and the United States. He ended up in Miami where he attended FIU before he decided to pursue music. Through devoting his time and energy in audio engineering, Nitti managed to benefit a lot from working with the technical side of music.

His years in Haiti and being exposed to a very different environment than that in the States has impacted Nitti Gritti in many ways. He noticed the stark contrast the two countries have, especially when it comes to perspective and a sense of gratefulness.

“Once you see a bunch of really poor people or really messed up stuff, then you come back to somewhere typically normal, you start to see all the flaws. You see what people take for granted: things like health, being able to drink. The fact that I can plug my phone in here, that’s crazy, and nobody thinks about that. That’s a luxury.”

Thoughts on Conversations About Mental Health and A Life of Charity

Currently, mental health is a topic that’s quickly becoming a frequent conversation topic among artists and fans. He expresses his gratitude that he does not struggle with mental health, but is aware that it is an issue that a lot of others struggle with in many ways.

From his personal experiences, he has learned a lot and believes that it all comes down to perspective. The most important thing, though, is the willingness to listen when someone is going through personal troubles.

“When I have a problem, the first thing that I try to do is like ‘Alright, there’s somebody who has a worse problem, how do they get over it?'” he laid out. “It’s important to try to put things into perspective, and I try to listen and to understand.”

Nitti Gritti has previously posted about his parents’ charity work in Haiti. When it comes to getting involved in a life of charity, it’s not always as easy as one may think. The music producer is still in the process of figuring out the best way to utilize his brand to help. However, he also believes that it is hard to accomplish if it is made known to the public.

Mainly, it allows opportunities for people to disrupt it, and try to profit off of it.

“I’m being completely honest when I say it almost always works better if you don’t build it up as a brand; you just do it. Not that people do it for themselves but if you’re branding it and making it this whole thing, most of the time it’s gonna be ruined cause then it becomes about the brand and not the cause.”

In today’s world, a lot of companies are contributing to charities. Even starting their own foundations or some sort of charity to help people who are in need. A lot of people tend to have a goal to help the less fortunate once they are rich.

If we are able to afford attending concerts or entertainment, then we are already fortunate to have more than enough. For people who are interested in helping and making a difference, the musician says that there is no better time to act than now.

Making the Most of His Passion, What the Future Holds

Nitti Gritti continues to push the boundaries of dance music. His incredible work ethic and energy display his passion for music. He compares his energy on stage to that of Animal from The Muppets – an explosive burst of crazy that he enjoys. As with everything, when there are highs, there are also lows.

It is no secret that the tour life can get tiring just to say the least with shows being booked back to back. But to Nitti, it’s all worth it, it’s what he asked for; it’s what he wanted. He also reflected on his wildly successful year and expressed his gratitude for all that he has been able to accomplish.

“Honestly, I love that I am able to tour and just fucking play my music, it’s the best part. I’ve always been able to make good music but playing it for people who know your music is a whole other thing. So this year that’s what I’ve really been grateful for; just like play good shows like this.”

What can fans expect from Nitti Gritti in 2019? “The most exciting one right now: our Confession EP,” he said. “T’chami, Malaa, Wax Motif’s released on there. More house shit, I’m really excited about that.”

And there you have it! Nitti Gritti is definitely one to watch out for in 2019, so keep up to date with Nitti on Instagram, Twitter, and check out his music on Soundcloud!

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