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Chatting with BC-based Nostalgix at Monstercat Compound (DMNW Interview)

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Nostlagix at the Monstercat Compound Showcase in Vancouver, BC. The event took place on a beautiful sunny day and was free to the community to see a fantastic lineup and celebrate Monstercat.

From playing festivals like Shambhala, Lost Lands, EDC, and more, Nostalgix has been killing it. Her artistry shows throughout everything that she does. She delivers a cohesive and well-thought-out performance, with pink fun visuals and songs that make everybody want to dance.

We were lucky enough to hear about her story, her preference for the Gorge or Red Rocks, and more.

Crowd at the Monstercat compound

Credit: Monstercat

DMNW: When did you start making music, and when did you start touring?

Nostalgix: So I started DJing in 2017 and in 2018 I started actually producing and from there I just went kind of all in. Through COVID-19, I was producing for 12 hours a day. Right after COVID-19 when I moved to LA to go on my first tour, it was supposed to be like a 6-month trial to see how everything went, and everything went well. Kept growing, and now we are out here.

What’s your favorite part of everything you’re doing right now? Would you say it’s more producing or performing?

I think right now, what I’m doing is a combination of everything that I love. I love getting to create the world of what Nostalgix is.

So what came first, your vision of Nostalgix, and then you wanted to learn how to produce based on that?

Yeah, that’s a good question, it’s very interesting to think about and I feel like everything has been a very natural progression, just really loving the music and being excited to learn about it. I started DJing just because, like for fun. I never thought I would be doing this as a career path. I was just trying it out, and then everything just naturally progressed. I was like, why don’t I just learn how to make music, like for fun? Then that just kind of kept going as well, and [I thought actually, I] can do this for real.

Crowd at monstercat compound

Credit: Monstercat

We saw that you performed at Red Rocks, that must have been super cool!

I don’t think I stopped smiling that entire time, I was just like so happy to be there. It is such a magical venue, I’ve heard so much about it. To be there and there’s these giant ass rocks with the lights on them, it’s so cool.

It seems like it would be a bucket list moment. If you had to say, which one would you say is better, the Gorge or Red Rocks?

I can’t say, they are both special. I just saw Red Rocks for the first time, though, and have been to the Gorge a few times. I was just watching the Zeds Dead set in the dark and it was so cool.

The production at Red Rocks seems like it would be insane. That definitely sounds like such a cool moment, have there been any other highlights for you?

There’s been a lot of highlights lately, I feel like everything has just been like bucket list, bucket list, bucket list. I would say Red Rocks was a huge one. It was actually supposed to be my first show in the States but I couldn’t get my VISA in time.

Is there another notable moment or memory that comes to you?

I would say EDC 2022. I got to play a sunrise set for that on the main stage. I did not sleep, it was me running around, giving it my all. It was cool because at the moment I was just focused on my show and how I wanted it to be delivered and all that. I never really thought about the impact that it would have on my career, but then afterward just seeing everything grow so much, I was like this is insane—so cool.

Crowd at monstercat compound show

Credit: Monstercat

How has it been navigating this industry as a woman, as an Iranian woman? What have been some challenges and highlights?

I feel like in a sense, being a woman in the music industry, you learn to be tougher. You have to figure out how to navigate different situations just because you are a woman and this is such a male-dominated industry. I feel like in the beginning I remember it being harder just because no one knows you yet and I feel like it’s harder to be taken seriously.

I have a lot of experiences where like I would be playing a show and they wouldn’t even let me on stage, and I’m like oh this is my show. You kind of learn how to navigate those things and become stronger for it. There’s also an amazing generation coming in right now and so many talented women that are on the rise, so it’s cool to get to see that and how supportive women are to each other.

It’s refreshing to hear that, too. I feel like men have always had these connections in the industry which have allowed them to saturate the industry so much, so It’s nice to see that women are supporting other acts too.

I feel like there have been a lot of amazing women coming up, off the top of my head like LAYZ, allvycat, Zingara, and so many others.

Even like Godlands, we just spoke with her as well.

Yes, she’s incredibly talented, it was my first time seeing her!

Do you have a favorite single or release that has come out recently?

I love my song Gimme Bass with Moksi. It was so fun to make. I have looked up to him for so long, it was such an honor to work on this song. It’s just so fun to perform, too.

Be sure to stream and follow Nostalgix and look out for releases in the future.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!