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Paul Van Dyk Upset With ALDA Events Following Fall At ASOT 750

At his A State of Trance 750 show in Utrecht, Netherlands, Paul Van Dyk took a pretty nasty spill off the stage during his performance. Paul Van Dyk fell off of what appears to be part of the stage production which angles downward toward the waiting crowd below. Paul Van Dyk sustained substantial injuries from this fall including a severe brain injury and serious damage to his spine. This event was also staged by the event production company ALDA events, half of which was just purchased by Insomniac Events.

During an interview with DJ Mag Paul Van Dyk made some serious claims against ASOT including the fact that after his fall and subsequent time in the hospital, no one from the ASOT team reached out to him to apologize or to see if he was doing alright. It is this action that has lead Paul Van Dyk to the decision to break ties with ASOT permanently.

Up to this point, none of these guys involved picked up the phone to call me and ask me how I am,” he said. “If you come to my house and slip and break an arm, I will call you and see how you are doing. But with these guys, no way, it goes to tell you about the characters of the people involved.

Paul Van Dyk even went on to claim during the interview that the ASOT stage wasn’t up to code and that it didn’t meet the appropriate safety regulations leading to his fall. Though, these claims have not been substantiated nor have ASOT made any official comment about the fall or about Paul Van Dyk’s claims.

However, Paul Van Dyk has since retracted his statement, stating that it was taken out of context. He is in fact not breaking ties with ASOT. His frustration lies with ALDA Events who produced this event. He was dissatisfied with ALDA’s treatment of him following the accident, that they didn’t do enough to ensure his safety nor did they check on him during his recovering. This is not a reflection of ASOT at all but rather on the production company that is responsible for setting up ASOT 750 in Utrecht.

Paul Van Dyk released a press statement to clear up the confusion stating that “these are two different entities and it is important to be clear that I have no problem with A State of Trance (or Armin [van Buuren]) because they did not do anything wrong and were not responsible for what happened. I also did not make any statement about cutting ties with ASOT.”

You can still expect Paul Van Dyk to grace the stages of future ASOT events, providing they are not staged by ALDA. He has massive respect for his supporters, for Armin Van Buuren, and has no desire to break ties with the ASOT family.

Do you think PvD is in the right to condemn ALDA Events for his accident? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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