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Watch Pendulum make waves with livestream set from the open ocean

Photo Credit: Pendulum

As innovative as livestreams have become in 2020, we have to admit there’s still a few picturesque elements missing. Few livestreams can match the undeniable effect of stunning scenery, immersive nature and wild pyrotechnics that live events dish out.

However a new performance bar was set on October 2, when Pendulum revealed their insane, over-the-top livestream from a Victorian ex-military fort in the middle of the English Channel.

Causing both literal and sonic waves in the electronic music world, Pendulum flexes a stage design as incredible as their sound. The famed drum and bass group recorded this extra special set with a world class festival production. In an interview with Metro News, founding member Gareth McGrillen spelled it out.

“I think the cuteness of the kitchen set for livestreams got old pretty quick,” he noted. “I think you can still be socially distant and grandiose at the same time. We’re going to show it is possible.”

Returning from a decade long hiatus to reclaim their status as drum and bass legends, Pendulum is back in full force. Fresh off the release of two new singles Driver and Nothing For Free, Pendulum devotees will feel awash with the nostalgia of old hits.

From Propane Nightmares to Watercolour, Pendulum touches chapters of their musical career with divine reinvention. As far as unreleased tunes, Louder Than Words drops at 22:51, confirmed later in a tweet by Rob Swire.

We’ve talked legendary sets before here at DMNW, with outdoor locations as massive as the acts themselves. From Zhu’s snowy set atop Hakuba Iwatake mountain in Japan, to Rufus Du Sol’s  live performance from Joshua Tree. Fabled sets like these are the ones that get written down in electronic music history.

The appeal for inclusive, unique venues has risen through the years as artists try to break away from the expected. Who better than Pendulum to remark their iconic status with such a jaw-dropping performance?  Watch below now or on Pendulum’s official YouTube channel pendulumlive!

What did you think of Pendulum’s set from sea? Let us know at Facebook and Twitter!

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