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PLURR is Not Dead, and We Can See It Everywhere (Opinion)

There has recently been some talk about PLURR in the media after DJ Carnage went on a Twitter rant saying that PLURR is dead. Everyone has their own opinion about what EDM means to them, and maybe PLURR is dead to some people, but we know that it still exists. To prove that PLURR still exists we decided to find times in recent EDM when peace, love, unity, and respect were shown.

Pasquale has given his own definition of PLURR, which we can definitely get behind. We broke it down for you here:


“To be in the same place as another, to exist simultaneously without conflict or adverse effects/reactions.”

Peace is throughout the community, and though at times things can become out of hand, someone usually finds a way to bring things back together.


“To unconditionally feel great affection for a fellow being, and offer friendship, regardless of race, sex, or creed”

It is well known that people go to festivals and shows to get away from their everyday life, and feel a sense of acceptance. EDC is that festival for many people. If you look at the film, Under the Electric Sky, about peoples’ journey to EDC, you will see many stories of people coming together for a weekend of music, love, and the ultimate experience.


“To come together and defend common interests and give a sense of well being among those who feel unaccepted, to allow any and all to be a part of you and your friends.”

Unity is demonstrated at many events. In times of crisis, the community rallies together. DJs and fans often come together, standing up for PLURR and what the music means to them.


“To allow yourself to be who you are without expectations, and allow others to do the same while helping each other, giving those around you the pride, courage, and honor you would yourself.”

When it comes to respect, many producers do it on a daily. They choose to respect the music, their fans, their work. Beyond that, respect from fans is just as important, recognizing that everyone has different, and valid tastes in genres.


At DMNW we recognize the sometimes absent second “R” in PLURR, for Responsibility. As a member for the dance community it is important to be responsible, as well as take responsibility for your actions. There are many different kinds of people in EDM and the only person you have control over is yourself and your own actions.

We are not saying that the dance music community is free from hate, frustration and/or disrespect, but PLURR still exists. There are still people that choose to live a life that represents peace, love, unity, respect, and responsibility. To the people that believe it is dead, maybe you are not looking hard enough, or maybe you are choosing not to see it. We decide what we want to see, and if you choose not to see PLURR, maybe you should look again or create it yourself.

How do you see PLURR alive in your community? Let us know in the comments below.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Patrick Chadwell

    October 24, 2021 at 8:44 am

    Southeast Asia wants more. The Asian community in general is respectful. Take for example Thailand. Thailand is the land of smiles. And if one should visit, you will notice the culture of smiles is advertised throughout the country.

    PLURR United is a movement that is rising. As of this week, a number of Asian groups are trying to connect with the west using the internet social system. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others provide the connection.

    A new social platform just for the PLURR community started. It’s a copy of Facebook but for the PLURR community. It can be found by searching for PLURR United.

    I am a member of this community. And the love is real.

    PLURR is gaining popularity. Can’t stop the Loving!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!