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5 Types of Awesome People That Are Probably in Your Rave Family

Being a part of the EDM community is more than just about the music, but the connections you make with others. You become part of a community and build lasting relationships. People you spend a night dancing with, quickly turn into friends and family—a rave family.

What is a rave family? It is a group of people that first met at shows, or attend shows together. Families often decide on a name, similarly to having a last name in our biological families. Members can range from a few, to thousands of members. In addition, some rave families even assign roles and nick-names to each of its members.

Each rave family is unique, but some roles are reoccurring. Common roles that we have come across are the mom, the couple, the good time, the kandi or light show enthusiast, and the wise one.

The mom. Someone that people feel comfortable going to. The group knows this person is open and welcoming, and are quick to identify as a new comer. Like most moms, they are helpful and willing to give advice, or a helping hand.

The couple. This is a couple that came into the group as a couple. They have been together as long as the family can remember, and are certainly a duo. If one is going to be there, you can assume the other one will as well.

The good time. This is the person that is always looking for the next set, or the after party. This person will be looking for music even when it is over. They bring the party where ever they are, and make sure everyone they are with is having the best time. They are aware of all artist times and the best spots to dance, and are full of smiles.

The kandi or light show enthusiast. This person is all about sharing the love of kandi and PLURR. The enthusiast is probably one of your craftier friends, or have great gloving or flow art skills. They are hoping to meet new people, either to share and exchange their creations, or their talent of creating a light show.

The wise one. This person tends to be calm and easy going. If mom is falling apart, they tend to bring everyone back. Plus, they are easy to talk to, caring, and grounded.

These roles/names can change from family to family but you can almost guarantee that someone along these lines will be in every rave family. Rave families are a huge part of peoples lives, often we spend more time hanging out with our rave families than our real families. The connection that we make often can last a life time.

What is your role in your rave family?


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!