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Polyverse Music’s Gatekeeper: AFFORDABLE, Comprehensive Gating

polyverse gatekeeper vocal

This time of year means great things for music producers: plugin sales and announcements galore! The latest Polyverse Music plugin, Gatekeeper, offers truly amazing control over previously time-consuming stutter and gate effects. This is the third plugin to be developed by Polyverse in conjunction with Infected Mushroom. We’ve thoroughly used both their Manipulator and I Wish plugins (and reviewed them too!).

Polyverse is dedicated to collaboration and it’s clear that Infected Mushroom’s music and process has drastically influenced and helped Polyverse make such well-rounded plugins. They do not skimp on GUI, functionality, or quality.

Their unique creation process called, “artistic feedback“ allows them to build their software while Infected Mushroom (or other producers/developers) tries out musical applications. This drastically aids the development of these tools, allowing input from many angles. This unique idea is probably why Polyverse plugins are one-of-a-kind.

With so many uses, we thought Gatekeeper would be another excellent candidate for our ‘DMNW Demos’ series. So without further ado, we present to you an entirely original track. The song and all of the ‘stems’ (tracks or instruments within a recording) are free to download!

We started with a simple kick loop. Gatekeeper has TONS of awesome presets so we used a rhythmic one as a starting place. The curves are easy to adjust, everything can be automated, and it’s very fun to use!

After mangling our kick loop, we moved on to a mids-y drum loop. We used an interesting rhythm preset again, adjusting the ‘smooth’ setting to our preference. This simple but useful control can help you dial in a preset without tweaking other values too much- a valuable timesaver.

We took a vocal loop we had sitting in our sample library and started trying out different presets. Our psychedelic-sounding vocal metamorphosed into an even WEIRDER vibe, totally reminiscent of Infected Mushroom or Jey Kurmis-style vocals.

Adjusting the frequency spectrum of our bass loop with Ableton’s EQ8 and Compressor (acting as a sidechain, triggered by our kick loop)

If we haven’t proven our point yet, you might wanna reread and listen to the resources above- Gatekeeper is incredibly versatile- it can literally be used for anything.

BUY GATEKEEPER NOW: ONLY $39– “Silence makes music”

We’re eagerly awaiting Polyverse Music’s next moves, 2018 is going to be a big year for them, without a doubt!

What’s your favorite Polyverse Music plugin? Let us know in the comments below!

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