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A performance artist dances at the Butterfly Stage at the Exotic Butterfly Garden event held at the Railway Club
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Reviewing the outstanding Exotic Butterfly Garden at Vancouver’s Railway Club

At the beginning of June, DMNW attended the Exotic Butterfly Garden event hosted by LeakyBliss at the historic Railway Club in Vancouver. It featured a plethora of visual art, a couple of vendors, and of course, local DJs. In addition, there was a face glow painting station that anyone could paint themselves up with.

We were fortunate enough to get there prior to the beginning of the event, to watch a bit of the setup. The theme was well on display with several decorations. And, there were at least two Vancouver-based artists whose works were heavily featured throughout the club.


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From openers to headliners, Exotic Butterfly Garden artists threw a great show

DJ Degen opened the Butterfly Stage with some downtempo music that he played unique instruments over – like the didgeridoo! As the night wore on, the music at that stage featured a mix of progressive house, house, and more downtempo. On the other side of the venue, the Cocoon Stage had Cyan Coal opening with some DnB music. Later on in the evening, Vancouver Hip-Hop artists DDRMR and GYZ took the stage with some of their beats.

Once the 11 PM artists Jason Brauer and Chia took the stage, the venue hit full capacity – which was wild! According to several patrons we spoke with at the venue, nobody had ever seen it this busy. Which was probably a good sign of things to come for the new owners. Closing the event on the Cocoon Stage was Good Friday. The Butterfly Stage was closed out from 3 AM until 4 AM by none other than LeakyBeats (one-half of host LeakyBliss).

As mentioned in our prior articles about Exotic Butterfly Garden, this historic venue was newly reopened back in February. If you haven’t heard about the venue, according to Vancouver’s Places That Matter historical site it’s, “Vancouver’s longest continually operating stand-alone music venues, occupying the same premises uninterrupted since 1931 and hosting music events since 1981.”

This event was quite fun! We’re excited to come back to any future events hosted by LeakyBliss as there were a variety of things to do and see.

Have you ever attended an event at the Railway Club in Vancouver? Tell us about it on our socials and in the comments below!


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exotic butterfly garden exotic butterfly garden

Exotic Butterfly Garden promises to dazzle The Railway Club in Vancouver



Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!