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Rave from home with these trippy visualizers
Screen capture from WAKAAN's "TLZMN - Fathom (OFFICIAL AUDIO)"


Level up your quarantine home raves with these trippy visualizers

With live show cancelations across the PNW, ravers may find themselves utterly raveless for the short-term future. Luckily, rave from home days can be just as fun as a concert: depending on your mindset, company, and, of course, music. To really scratch that itch for a live show experience, though, awesome visuals are a must. Check out these trippy visualizers to level up your rave from home days.

Powerful software inspires visual creators

Using a software called Microdose VR, visual creator Goop Wizard delivers colorful kaleidoscope videos that morph and change with the music. Featuring EDM artists such as Esseks, Liquid Stranger, and TVBOO, Goop Wizard’s videos are more than appropriate for a stay at home rave. Their visualizers for TLZMN’s Fathom and The Grid display a dizzying array of shapes and colors.

Pigeon Hole continues creating visual content for new music

A few months ago, Pigeon Hole dropped a video for his track Vertigo, a collaboration with thook. Using a DIY video setup and excellent editing skills, Pigeon Hole created the visualizer himself. For his next venture, he paired up with Of the Trees to deliver the new track Slow Craft. The accompanying visualizer puts those editing skills to use once more, increasing the trippiness from his last cut.

Calvin Harris’ new project Love Regenerator comes with a unique visual style

Breaking free from the pressure that comes hand in hand with fame, Calvin Harris’ new project, Love Regenerator, allows for exploration of new styles. With each new release, a custom visualizer captures the experimental style of the project. These recent releases somehow manage to capture two different moods with the same unmistakable visual identity.

Of course, we’re all waiting anxiously for the coronavirus storm to pass. Until that day comes, though, we hope these trippy visualizers will help you get your rave on from the comfort of home.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!