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Remembering Pumpkin: Reflecting Back On Love

Photo: Ira Hyder

Life is precious. This is something most of us in the scene have come to realize. Whether we come to that realization through love, laughter, freedom, music, or dance we know all too well how quickly life can change. We in the dance community are musical by nature. It moves us, it gives us life. So when the flame of one of our own is extinguished, we’re affected in ways others cannot comprehend.

The tragic passing of the late Nicholas Alvarado has left the dance world with a void that will be impossible to replace. The man better known as Pumpkin provided dance floors all over the world with his unique blend of genre defying productions and mixes, filling our hearts with smiles and laughter every time he graced the stage. A true crowd pleaser from day one, his work was defined by not defining his sound. At any given time, our guess was as good as his as to what the next song would be to bless our ears.

His sparkling personality shone through his music, accompanied by a contagious smile that would infect all corners of the dance floor. He poured so much of his energy into each of his performances it helped kick start his status as a fan favorite at music festivals across the globe, including cult status at Lightning in a Bottle. His back to back performances at the Living Room stage in 2013 & 2014 were so on point, he was set to make his debut at the Pagoda during Shambhala 2016.

Just like the loss of Jon Horvath last summer, it’s heartbreaking when we lose good people in the dance world. Especially when they represent a positive aspect of a community that has such a negative stigma attached at the hip. So while we mourn the loss of a true ambassador of the scene, we should take this time to reflect on what Pumpkin shared through his music – love life, love each other, and love yourself.

Pumpkin, Love

Photo: Curious Josh

Thankfully, it’s a message that will live on forever through his recordings. Described simply as “music to fall in love to,” his music and his personality was truly one of a kind. So while the healing process begins, put on your favorite Pumpkin mixes and hug the person next to you. Tell your friends you love them, see the DJ’s you want to see, experience life, and smile the entire time. We can all use a little extra love out there today, and we all know that’s exactly what the man himself would be saying right now.

Take care of yourselves out there, fam. RIP.

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