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How REZZ truly makes the most of COVID-19 quarantine

Electronic artists have unarguably kicked major butt through quarantine. With an onslaught of live streams, labels and artists have worked together to bring fans excellent content. The Pacific Northwest’s beloved Space Mom has gone above and beyond, though. Check out three ways REZZ has truly made the most of her isolation.

1. Kicked off the month with a surprise live set

Just one week after Washington State’s Shelter-in-Place order, and Canada’s closure of personal service locations, REZZ surprised YouTube and Instagram by streaming a 30-minute live set. Many live streams have since followed, but Space Mom was one of the first who really got the ball rolling.

Her stream reached nearly 30,000 simultaneous viewers! It’s worth noting that not every live stream has gone off without a hitch. Bellingham’s Manatee Commune attempted a surprise live stream that faced debilitating technical difficulties. Even large-scale streams, such as Digital Mirage, were forced to pause to address lags.

2. Dropped new music video for her collab with Grabbitz

Just this week, REZZ dropped a new music video for her punchy collab with Grabbitz. The rock-meets-electronic flair in Someone Else makes the track an instant favorite.

Deeply emotional lyrics and stellar vocals hit some kind of way. When Grabbitz hits that first falsetto “Who are you when I’m not looking?” expect to get goosebumps. Space Mom rides the intensity of the moment and drops an instantly recognizable beat.

The music video plays into the themes of the song. The main character looks like a woman, but when the lighting shifts, her robotic features reveal themselves. The video seems like a scene out of Bladerunner, with excellent vfx at work.

The music video was actually created during quarantine. REZZ reveals how her and Grabbitz collaborated on this creative production.

We had to cancel our original shoot due to COVID-19 restrictions. We needed a new video last minute, so I hit up my tour VJ Cam MacNeill to create and direct a new video idea based around our new restrictions. Mine and Grabbitz’s clips were actually shot on our iPhones at home.

– Rezz, in an Alt Press interview

Interestingly, the video was funded in part by the Canadian government. We love to see public support for such edgy creative works!

3. Appeared in the upcoming film, Underplayed

Underplayed, an exciting new music documentary, focuses on the under-representation of women in the electronic music industry. Scheduled to premiere at the (now postponed) prestigious Tribeca film festival this April, Underplayed awaits release.

Reportedly, REZZ will be one of the featured artists in the film – talk about a busy quarantine!

Press for the film has been pretty hush hush, but we’re crossing our fingers that it will premiere during the “We Are One” online film festival. The festival represents a collaboration between YouTube and a myriad of film festivals, including Tribeca and Cannes Film Festival.

Unfortunately, the festival won’t go live until late May. On the flip side, the virtual festival will be free to stream, and globally accessible!

Who else has truly made the most of quarantine? Let us know in our comments section on Facebook, and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!