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Rotella Sends Message with EDC Vegas Lineup Release Date

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A few days ago the C.E.O. of Insomniac Events, the never shy Pasquale Rotella, shared his feelings on the ‘small but vocal percentage’ of fans who have been demanding the lineup for the 2014 edition of Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas. The three day event is taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 20-22. Both general admission and VIP passes are sold out to the annual event and fans are growing impatient as they still haven’t been told who will be performing come June. Last year’s EDC lineup was released on May 1st, making every day without an announcement more and more uneasy.

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Fans asking, badgering, and begging for lineup releases isn’t a new phenomenon. Since the relatively recent boom in the popularity in dance music and music festivals in general, those paying to go see the event often get antsy waiting to find out who they’ve paid to see. This wasn’t the case not so long ago, and that fact seems to have made it’s place under Mr. Rotella’s skin. So, he took to his Facebook and aired out his thoughts on the subject in a nearly 700 word post which has since received over 3,000 likes and been shared over 1,000 times. He began by mentioning what it was like in the early 90’s underground scene and what that scene and culture meant to him.
[quote author=”Pasquale Rotella”]Most of the DJs were local and a small handful of them were also producers. Oftentimes we wouldn’t know who was playing until we got to the spot, but it didn’t matter because we knew it was going to be off the hook. If our favorite DJ was playing the party, it was a bonus. But that’s what it was—a party. It wasn’t a concert, and we never treated it that way.[/quote]

Rotella continued, noting that he’s always going to do his best to keep the roots of this culture alive, despite the changing times.
[quote author=”Pasquale Rotella”]Everything moves forward and evolves, from musical genres to technology, and I’m very passionate about innovation and discovery. But one thing has never changed: A good time is what you make of it.[/quote]

The Insomniac boss then went on to mention how we strives to create something different with the festivals they put on, and saying that, although he enjoys seeing specific DJs perform, that ‘it’s all about the collective energy and positive vibes that come from the overall experience’.

After hitting that nail on its figurative head, Rotella subtly nods in the direction of those new to dance music, making sure they are paying attention to the message he’s sending.
[quote author=”Pasquale Rotella”]In recent years, a lot of new and beautiful people have discovered the culture, and many of them are conditioned to have the kind of front-facing musical response you find at a rock, pop or hip-hop concert. But this is different. This is dance music. I need to stay true to my heart because my heart is what’s gotten us here.[/quote]

Rotella ended the post by ending all speculation and questions as to when the lineup would be announced, stating it will be released on May 27th, less than a month before the event. He then closed with some wise words and a pledge.

[quote author=”Pasquale Rotella”]This is a celebration, not a concert. Just because dance music has broken through to the mainstream doesn’t mean we need to play by those rules or subscribe to that way of thinking. It’s what I learned as a fan, and it’s been my touchstone since I started Insomniac. It’s also what’s added so much joy and happiness to my life, and I’m going to hold that torch for as long as I can with the hope that it brings joy and happiness to you, too.[/quote]

Let us know what you think of Rotella’s thoughts and how excited you are for EDC Las Vegas this summer!

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