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Sooo WET Debuts Record Label and First Single “Believe Me”

Spanning the better part of 5 years, the crew of Sooo Wet has been making waves across the PNW. If you’ve attended any festival in the area there’s a guaranteed chance you’ve seen the sign amongst the crowd. Last year we had the opportunity to get the story behind the infamous sign, and since then they’ve been quite busy. With the continued growth of their inclusive party movement, the rave totem has evolved into something quite bigger than they’d ever imagined. With its humble beginnings as a sign made from a rice crispy box, Sooo WET has officially launched a record label and their first single.

For the full details, rather than have us tell you we figured we’d have Sooo WET member David Luca give us the details on this exciting announcement.

“What began as a festival sign has grown into something beyond our wettest dreams. Through the shared experience of party-goers around the world, Sooo WET has become a bonafide movement. Filling up the cup of close friends and random passers by, the Sooo WET sign is a genuine festival staple — found wherever good music and good times are being had. Whether you’re suffering from dryness, or already living a life so underwater that you need a scuba tank, we’ve got something special to share with you.

So it is with full hearts (and overdeveloped forearms) that we bring you Sooo WET 001, the first release of our newly christened music label. Set up to showcase our favourite productions from the Sooo WET crew and beyond, Sooo WET will be curating the finest wetness inducing music from the world over. We’re kicking things off with a tasty and playful EP by Joluca that packs a punch across four club-ready tracks.”

Believe Me starts things off in style with a rasping, bulbous bassline, well-swung drums, and intimate vocals that mix together for a track with tight production values and loads of dance appeal. You Came Along is a club heavyweight with a thick kick and unrelenting disco drums. Vocals are teased throughout the track before exploding into a euphoria inducing break — a one time affair that drops into a kick heavy alternate groove with elements of the track rearranged into a chopped up stomper of a groove.

Club Japan settles quickly into a smooth and shuffling groove that’s quickly joined by a rolling and timeless bassline that brings us back to days of house past. Male vocals up top add some heat and sexiness and, once again, combine for an effective tech-house cut that adds real charm to any set. Last of all, Tough Love is a freaky number with punchy drums and a thick bassline, making it a smasher of a DJ tool.”

TheSooo WET 001 – Swingers EP is available May 23rd on Bandcamp and if you’re digging Believe Me you can preorder your copy of the whole EP for just $4CAD. We certainly love the release and hope to shake our rumps to this one all summer at our favorited festivals. We expect to see lots more of the Sooo WET crew so be sure to stay tuned for more and be sure to preorder the Swingers EP to celebrate their first release.


Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!