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Svdden Death performing at the Wamu Theatre with Virtual Riot, yvm3, Vullgur, and more
Credit: Svdden Death


SVDDEN DEATH announces 2023 Harbinger Tour with stops in the PNW

This month hardcore EDM fans rejoiced as dubstep icon SVDDEN DEATH announced his next U.S. tour. From October 31st to December 22nd, SVDDEN DEATH will be performing at venues across the country on his new Harbinger tour. Joining him will be over fifteen other artists from across the hardcore dubstep and riddim scene. This is the first tour SVDEN DEATH has gone on since 2017, and people across the country are ecstatic to see what the dark lord of dubstep has in store for them.

Since 2017, SVDDEN DEATH has released music on some of dubstep’s biggest record labels, including  Never Say Die, Buygore, and Bassrush. Over the last half-decade, the Los Angeles based producer has been astonishing listeners with his effortlessly destructive sounds and aesthetics, earning him a die-hard following, millions of online listeners, and international renown. Some of his most popular tracks include the all-time classic Behemoth, as well as his collaborations with fellow DJs Marshmello and Slander.

SVDDEN DEATH fans in the Pacific Northwest will have ample opportunity to see this tour, with scheduled appearances in Seattle, Portland, and Salt Lake City. Accompanying artists for these shows include Virtual Riot, Infekt, Automhate, Vulllgur, and yvm3. DMNW Readers and Svdden Death fans will remember yvm3 from their debut performance at Valley of Darkness this year. This will be yvm3’s first appearance in Seattle and only one of four appearances on the tour.

Another first-time appearance for the PNW will be Vulllgur. Similar to yvm3, this riddim trio also utilizes anonymity in their act. The three members, Flesh Face, Smiley, and Bag Head, each wear their own unique and grotesque masks. This up-and-coming act is expected to be a frightening experience for any unprepared show-goers.



SVDDEN DEATH fans will assuredly be expecting the appearance of SVDDEN DEATH’s second project, Voyd. Since the release of his last album, VOYD VOL. 2, people have been flocking to his performances hoping to hear these jaw-dropping compositions.

However, Svdden Death has developed an evident distinction between the two projects in the last year, and he seldom blends tracks from the two projects. With that said, we are expecting an amazing performance from SVDDEN DEATH, and hope to see a surprise performance from VOYD.


On October 25th, SVDDEN DEATH announced on social media that he would be canceling the entirety of his Harbinger tour due to the mental and physical stress on him and his team. Although this is upsetting us and his fans, we fully support SVDDEN DEATH in prioritizing their personal health over the demands of being an artist and performer. We are excited to see what he and his team have in store for us for 2024 and wish them all the best.

Svdden Death announces the cancelation of his Harbinger Tour due to mental and physical stress.



Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!