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The M Machine Pulls On Our Hearts With “Pluck Pluck”

The M Machine Pluck Pluck

Several weeks ago, The M Machine released an interesting track called Just Like off of their upcoming EP of the same name. It gained a lot of attention, especially among devout M Machine followers, because of its deep and unique sound. Even for a group in which you always must expect the unexpected, Just Like was an immerse diversion from The M Machine’s usual style. The song could best be described as a meld of psychedelic garage and tech house, featuring a tripped-out bassline and quirky lyrics. The song is as weird as it as fun and foreshadowed a desire for the San Francisco-based trio to explore themselves as producers. The group is back with their second track off of the extended play entitled Pluck Pluck.

The M Machine, which consists of Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrell, and Andy Coenen, formed in 2011 after their stint together as Pance Party. The group conceptualized their project through the 1927 German silent film Metropolis, which portrays a futuristic utopian society that is powered by its only energy source called The M Machine. Using this as inspiration for their futuristic sound and visual design, the trio has cultivated one of the most distinctive sounds in dance music. Their Metropolis EPs became instant classics and gave us several indie/electro house sing alongs like Tiny Anthem, Moon Song and Faces. The M Machine was unleashed on their last original track Superflat, but that was a distant ten months ago.

Pluck Pluck is an experiment for The M Machine and that seems to be the idea behind most of the Just Like EP. The song is definitely interesting but feels like it is missing something. Pluck Pluck is more of a deep house track that unfortunately lacks the euphoric and spacey chord progressions we are used to hearing from The M Machine. There is also a drastic pitch change from their usual production. If you loved the Metropolis series and wanted more of that style, Pluck Pluck will probably leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Regardless of how we feel about Pluck Pluck here at Dance Music Northwest, we are extremely excited to see what The M Machine has in store for the rest of the Just Like EP. We can only be sure of one thing and that it’s going to be something totally different.

Listen to Pluck Pluck by clicking on the SoundCloud link below. You can also preorder the EP through iTunes and listen to a teaser here on Youtube. Just Like will be released next Wednesday, November 11th, so stay tuned with Dance Music Northwest by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook to see what we have to say!

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