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The Outlaw Ocean Music Project raises awareness of dark deeds on international seas

Photo Credit: The Outlaw Ocean

A first-of-its-kind collaboration has emerged between music producers around the world and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and New York Times investigative journalist Ian Urbina. Named The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, over 250 artists from 40 different countries are releasing new music based on Urbina’s 2019 book, “The Outlaw Ocean”. The collaboration is creating captivatingly epic music to raise awareness of the human and environmental abuse that happens at sea. Each month will see new music that incorporates the sound clips Urbina collected while reporting for 5 years. Amongst these creators is Vietnamese EDM producer Hoaprox, who released an album titled Secrets in the Waves.

Just as journalists tell stories with their writing, artists depict stories within their music. While crossing 5 seas and 14 countries Urbina captured the raw sounds of life on international waters. From the rhythmic tones of machine-gun fire off the coast of Somalia to chanting captive deckhands on the South China Sea. Urbina’s field recordings portrayed the dark deeds witnessed and the grim characters he encountered. High seas crime plagues much of the world, especially the two-thirds of our planet that is covered by ocean. To some this audio library sounds like a dark collection; however, musicians saw its potential to be a revolutionary collaboration. Thus, The Outlaw Ocean Music Project emerged.

Utilizing the sound archive and taking inspiration from Urbina’s reporting, artists worldwide have created EP’s in their own interpretive musical stylings. From electronic to ambient, classical and hip hop. On the electronic spectrum Hoaprox’s latest album Secrets in the Waves is a mesmerizing piece of work that ranges from heavy bass to laidback instrumentals. With eight tracks in total Hoaprox chronicles a narrative that embodies this lawless realm. Hoaprox spoke further on his contribution in a press release:

“This project is incredibly meaningful and special to us,” said Hoaprox of his investment in the project. “The blending together of images and sounds in this way makes the overall message behind the stories of The Outlaw Ocean even more profound. These stories need more attention, and we were more than ready to contribute our voices so that the muffled cries of the helpless may soon be heard loud and clear and may continue to be heard.”

Check out Hoaprox talking behind the music below and give a listen to Secrets in the Waves here!

Head over to The Outlaw Ocean Music Project’s website for the full list of artists and more information.

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