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Did You Make Your New Year’s “Resolution”? [Event Review]

did you make your new year's resolution
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Every year in Seattle we are rewarded with a very special event, one that lets us celebrate all of our enormous victories and silent defeats. It allows us to reflect on the good and the bad throughout the year and encourages us to do better in the year to come. The spectacle involves the symbolic use of pure white and celebratory gold. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, we are talking about USC Events’ year-end celebration, Resolution. We were there and it might have been one of the best Resolution parties yet. Let us tell you what we thought.

Let’s be clear here: there were no bad sets this year. Not a one. Not even a “meh” set, or a “yeah I’m not sad I had to run to the bathroom during that set” set. All of them were decent. We do however have a few sets that we found the most pleasing to the senses. One of them was SNBRN. If you haven’t heard of SNBRN yet…well it’s time you did your homework. Anyone who can take classic 90’s hits and make them funky and fresh is a hero in our book. The energy he brought to the stage kept the dance vibe at super strong status for the entire set.

Overall our favorite was from the progressive god himself: Eric Prydz. Eric’s music is respected across all genres and artists, and his technical ability on the decks are rivaled by very few. The man can create a story through his track selection and have an emotion run straight through your soul. Often times people are confused about what he is doing, because they are so used to the build and drop/ formulaic festival sound. They are’t used to hearing someone build a set. It was quite amusing to us to see people scratching their heads for the first 45 minutes of his set, then watch them absolutely lose it when he finally took flight. Naturally, as the primary headliner for the Time Capsule stage, Eric was the man to usher in the new year with his perfect progressive melody Opus. This was juxtaposed to images of the year’s viral trends, scientific advancements, and of course Northwest themed images like the Seahawks. Needless to say, we could not have asked for a better way to ring in the new year.

Another important aspect: production. Look, this is USC Events. If their production value wasn’t on point, we would be seriously concerned. Yet again they made another set of stage designs that were awe inspiring. The Time Capsule stage was on fleek, and the Enchanted Forest was Lit AF (Oh ya, gotta get rid of that nomenclature for the new year). Time Capsule looked as though we were falling into the event horizon, where graduated LED panels fell into the main Dj booth. They looked like the outstretched wings of a Phoenix ushering in the symbolism of change. The Enchanted Forest  was reminiscent of a cathedral hall (probably because it was technically in a hall) with the Pastors of Bass at the pulpit, unleashing their sermons of unrelenting beats. Needless to say, USC did it again with quality production that we have come to expect.

As is the theme for everyone in the new year, the opportunity for growth and change is what makes us better. The harm reduction measures at USC Events just get better and better…and better. We at Dance Music Northwest take to heart all the measures taken to keep our community safe and provide a clearer narrative for the public. USC Continues to impress us in that regard. There were virtually no incidents this year. That is actually really, really good news. Obviously we want a zero harm event, and that’s always the goal, but improvement is key. So we commend the Conscious Crew and The Medical crew at Resolution for doing such a great job. Also we have to give a shot out to the attendees for being so responsible. Kudos to everyone, really.

There are many possible ways to celebrate New Year’s, from house parties to a quiet night in. If you were lucky enough to attend Resolution, then you may know how we feel when we say that it was well worth the night out. The vibes and music were on point, Conscious Crew was keeping an eye on the crowd and the lasers were like wow. Would we do it again? Damn straight. We were dancing the whole night, but what about you? Let us know what you thought about this year’s Resolution. Was it on point?


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Dance music saved Brenda's life once. She continues to repay that debt back to the scene, and never wants to quit repaying it. Music can change lives in so many ways. From the otherworldly, Siren-like lullaby of trance to the mind-bending reality check of bass, Brenda walked into the light of EDM and never looked back.

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