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Timbre Room & Subversion Kills It With Chick Iverson and Crew (Review)

cred: Subversion SEA

The growing support of 4/4 in Seattle has pushed local and international artists to the forefront of the nightlife scene. On Saturday, June 10th, Seattle was graced with a 4/4 event of epic proportions. The headlining act, Chick Iverson is a Seattle-based producer known for his particular strain of quirky and driving dance music. With releases all in the last 12 months on Audiophile XXLBox of CatsMy Techno Weighs A Ton, and OKNF Collective (to name a small few), Chick has carved out space in the scene in an impressively short amount of time. It’s clear from his diverse and fist-pumping tracks that he carefully constructs his music to both intrigue and excite his audiences. Chick has a very unique groovin’ sound that would be right at home on the Burning Man playa.

Providing support to Chick was another Seattle-based producer, Bacosaurus. His tracks have graced several acclaimed labels, including but not limited to Perfect Driver MusicBuild It Records, and Audiophile as well. Baco recently played the Build It Records showcase down at Monkey Loft and has been making moves in the scene for awhile. He also creates envelope-pushing tunes that synthesize elements of techno, house, and club bangers. His track, “Booty Killa” (Straight Up!) is a great example of this satisfying blend of styles. It also completely tore up the Timbre Room when Baco dropped it on the heads of the crowd that were out on the dance floor!

These two talented individuals are paving the way for Seattle musicians in a scene that generally garners much less support than the halftime/bass music crowd. Despite this, the show pulled a large diverse crowd of people, young and old. Chick and Baco both played a variety of their own music and music from their peers, with pleasing mixes of original and familiar tracks, as well as mysterious bangers. If it was proper etiquette, we would’ve been behind the decks taking notes!

Stay in touch with Chick Iverson and Bacosaurus‘ latest and greatest on their respective SoundCloud pages. You can stream and download a variety of tunes to play at your next booty-shakin’ 4/4 party. Keep an eye on these impactful artists for the future!


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