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Toronto City Council Speaks, Proposed EDM Ban Reversed

Last month, certain members of the city government along with Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto were trying to ban EDM events from being held at the venue. Despite those events bringing in an estimated $1 million in revenue annually, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti suggested, “[that] the city find several alternative events and ways to make up the lost revenue had the ban passed.” After several heated debates with council members and promoters, they have now reversed the ban on EDM events at Exhibition Place.

In the hearing, the final vote (31-4) was in favor to keep EDM events at Exhibition Place. Even though Councillor Mark Grimes, the chairman of the Exhibition Place board tried arguing there were “several kids getting wheeled out into ambulances,” with Councillor Georgio Mammoliti adding, “[We’re] talking 5,600 kids, many of them taking ecstasy on government lands I think it’s wrong to be sending that message.”

Toronto EDM Ban Lifted

Toronto’s Exhibition Place will continue to allow all EDM-related events inside its doors.

Other members like Councillor Gord Perks were in favor of keeping events at Exhibition Place, adding that “holding events (EDM events) at Exhibition Place is safer.” The fact stands that holding events at Exhibition Place allows for more staff and necessary emergency staff on hand. Most underground warehouse raves will not have the necessary personnel on hand if there was an incident.

It makes us wonder, maybe some of the promoters could take action like what USC Events has done here in the Northwest by offering free water and aid at all events (if that isn’t the case already). During these parties, whether or not you are taking substances things get hot on the dance floor. In any case, you will need to keep yourself hydrated. Please remember to stay safe during all of the events you partake in!

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