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tycho and eight visionary artists you need to see
ISO50 - Lightning in a Bottle


Tycho’s Art and Eight Visionary Artists You Need to See

Outdoor music festivals have long been safe havens for the freedom of expression in all of its forms. One of the most exciting is no doubt the plethora of psychedelic or visionary art in a variety of mediums. The Do LaB, an events team most well-known for Lightning in a Bottle (LiB), just announced that this year’s massive will have Tycho’s Scott Hansen – who goes by ISO50 – at the helm for visual design. That means his artwork will be setting the vibe across the website, leaflets, and flyers.He had this to say about the initial artwork:

I was really inspired by the images my friend, photographer Daniel Zetterstrom, had captured of the event the year prior and set about incorporating them into a sort of idealized vision of what a gathering of people around art and music could be. I tried to create images that felt less literal and more like the memories people would take away from the event.

No doubt, this sort of imagery was inspired by altered states of consciousness and it very well captures the mood of outdoor festivals. We hope that this summer, more people will be getting turned on to some phenomenal artists that are just as much a part of the festival as the music itself. And if you can’t quite wait until summer, you can catch Amanda Sage and Android Jones’ live painting at Inspire Truth, Portland’s biggest NYE party. Here are eight internationally acclaimed visionary artists to be on the lookout for on your next outdoor music journey.

[divider]Andy Thomas[/divider]Andy focuses on the intersection of nature, technology and human influence. He blends mind-bending, detailed 3D art on top of photographs of plants, insects, and machines. The zoom on his pieces on his website is incredible.

Andy Thomas - Parasite

Andy Thomas – Parasite

[divider]Melissa Williams [/divider]Melissa’s art is a combination of hand drawing, painting, photography, collage, and digital art. She has a unique sense of layering that feels very organic. Her pieces tend to focus on abstract psychedelia and inner spirituality.

Melissa Williams - Illusion

Melissa Williams – Illusion

[divider]Android Jones[/divider]Android’s works are entirely digital, which he says provides “…a medium of energy and light capable of expanding the nature of reality.”

Android Jones - Dharma Dragon

Android Jones – Dharma Dragon

[divider]Amanda Sage [/divider]Amanda is a painter, using a wide variety of mediums. Her works are aimed at connecting with some ancient memory, often times rooted in the feminine.

Amanda Sage - Pronoia

Amanda Sage – Pronoia

[divider]Adam Scott Miller[/divider]Adam believes his works “are artifacts excavated from exploring the relationships between mystical personal experience and universally relevant concepts.” He paints digitally as well as with oil, creates video animation and teaches.

Adam Scott Miller - Celestial Shore

Adam Scott Miller – Celestial Shore

[divider]Hans Walør AKA Valør[/divider]Hans is a mixed media painter as well as a prominent street artist. His artwork is complexly layered, focusing on the concepts of fluidity, structure, and color theory. His recent work has sought to explore the interplay of fragility and strength.

Hans Walør AKA Valør - Lightning in a Bottle 2012

Hans Walør AKA Valør – Lightning in a Bottle

[divider]Alex Grey[/divider]Almost certainly the best known of the lot, Alex Grey has been featured all over the world on a variety of platforms. He will be best known some for his role in helping to create an aesthetic for the rock band, Tool, using various pieces. His works, mostly paints, range from intricate details of the self, in its various spiritual and physical forms, to conceptualizations of higher principles and beings.

Alex Grey - Net of Being

Alex Grey – Net of Being

[divider]Katia Honour[/divider]Katia’s art is somewhat different from the rest as it tends to be more visionary in subject matter, rather than in form. A bit difficult to describe, but her works are more traditional in methods while still grasping the psychedelic mindset. Particularly beautiful is her understanding of light.

Katia Honour - Kundalini

Katia Honour – Kundalini

Let us know which artist is your favorite, or if you have another one in mind that you feel should be on this list. Also, be sure to check out other visuals, such as festival aftermovies, that we chose as our favorites for the year.  


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Josh fell in love with Trance at USC's Resolution 2012. It's all been downhill from there as the obsession has grown to a full time hobby in seeking out interesting music across the dance music spectrum and attending crazy parties across the globe.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!