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Ocula Chapel Lounge
Credit: Vivid Presents


‘Vivid Presents’ finds new home at Seattle’s Chapel Lounge after two-year hiatus

Vivid Presents is back in the Seattle scene after a two year hiatus, with a reinvigorated spirit, direction, and community backing.

The event production company, co-founded by Jody Ramsammy and Marc Pospisil, had a home at The Underground for a few years, while also holding its signature summer sunset boat parties on the Hiyu and shows atop of the Space Needle. Vivid is looking to pick up right where they left off, joining together with others in Seattle to bring their unique vision, perspectives, and vast experiences to the stage. 

With the closing of The Underground in 2021, Vivid Presents has found a new home at Chapel Lounge. They will keep their signature events, with much more ideas up their sleeves, as they look to further expand. Vivid’s first club show will be this Friday, March 10, as they host This Never Happened and mau5trap rising star, Ocula. Their return installment of Sunset Sessions at the Space Needle will take place Friday, April 7, featuring headliner Nora Van Elken. These Sunset Session events are geared towards being thoughtfully curated tastemaker events, with each ticket including entry to the private lounge at the Space Needle, full dinner course, and three drink tickets.

Tickets for Ocula, Friday March 10, Chapel Lounge

Tickets for Sunset Sessions with Nora Van Elken, Friday, April 7, Space Needle

“It’s all about the music. Everyone is welcome. There is no sense of have or have nots. Everyone that walks into a Vivd event is a VIP in my eyes. The experience of our community is feeling welcome and part of something. A lot of that comes with being able to provide input and creative inspiration as to what you want to experience.” – Jody Ramsammy

The leadership atop Vivid Presents remains strong with Ramsammy at the reins. His emphasis on building up the dance music community in Seattle is unique in comparison to the other venues and event production in the area. Community is paramount to Vivid’s core values and is reflected by the amount of input and feedback they take into their event planning. The Seattle dance music community is truly unique and eccentric with so many attendees being unapologetically themselves, heightening the experiences, and creating a welcoming, safe, all-inclusive environment.

“We have the music, the community, and showcasing our city. We want people to be proud to be part of our events. These three components are what make a Vivid event.” – Jody Ramsammy

For artists, Vivid Presents is a unique stop on their tours and a nice break from the classic circuit. The artists’ performances will be a very intimate experience between them and them audience. The artists are encouraged to be explorative: anything goes artistically and musically. Vivid strives to create an environment where the artists can be free and be as close as possible to the people that value their talent and creations. With the emphasis of music and community, Vivid also strives to showcase and showoff what Seattle has to offer. Chapel Lounge’s proximity to Pike Place is a great way to show off quintessential Seattle to visiting artists, with views of the sound and the Seattle Wheel right from the back windows of the venue. 

Nora Van Elken Sunset Sessions Flyer

Credit: Jody Ramsammy

Beyond the event

Ramsammy, who the community knows as our one and only Jody, (sorry Jody Wisternoff), has undergone self- exploration and self-discovery in recent years. One particular facet he has explored is what wellness means. Many of us fall in love with the scene because it allows us an opportunity to escape. The music helps us navigate through the world, around the stresses at home, stresses at work, chasing the sun when there’s no sun. But you can only escape for so long before having to, sorry for the pun, face the music. All the people involved in our community have this common ground where we all go through the seasons of life. We all experience transitioning through jobs, moving away from home, battling addictions, going through illness, loss, love, and strife in relationships. What there is a lack of in the dance music world is a platform for people to share their wisdom in these life experiences.

Aleksey Weyman, marketing director for Vivid, echoes this vision and looks to bring authentic meaning to the events. Utilizinging his background as a tour manager and event producer, Weyman seeks to create events that are unconventional from the standard circuit and looks to challenge the norm in the industry.

“Events should be able creating special experience that are more than just overpriced club nights. Family vibes, unique locations, and emerging talent are pinnacle to our goals.” – Aleksey Weyman

Vivid Presents looks to fill this gap with their weekly Wellness Wednesdays where they will cover the various topics that embody what it means to be well and hopefully spark something in others to help them carry through. This is still in the exploratory phase and looks to launch later this summer.

Jody Ramsammy Portrait

Credit: Jody Ramsammy

“We’ve created a team that, in a way, is fighting the good fight by showing up as themselves to create this unique experience,” says Ramsammy. “We have all these individuals that bring their little piece of joy to what we do.”

At the end of the day, Vivid Presents hopes to give you all a pleasant, euphoric, and memorable experience while bringing the community together and uplifting each other. We can’t wait to celebrate with the Vivid crew and hope to see you at one of their many upcoming events.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!