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Vivid Presents is positioning itself as the next major showrunner in the Pacific Northwest

If you had the opportunity to attend any of the Sunset Sessions on the Hiyu this summer, which included artists like Cosmic Gate, Marsh, and Öona Dahl, Vivid Presents needs no introduction.

For those who didn’t get the chance, Vivid Presents is a new dance music production company operating in the Pacific Northwest. With star-studded lineups scheduled for this fall including Marsh, Orjan Nilsen, ATB, Sunny Lax, Hotel Garuda, and more, Vivid Presents is hoping to take the Seattle scene to a whole new level.

“Despite doing primarily club events (we do most of our shows at The Underground), we have plans in the works to host much larger events in the coming months and years,” says Aleksey Weyman, Vivid’s Head of Marketing. “Our sources and connections are opening up doorways for us to expand our Vivid Fam to the greater Pacific Northwest.”

Vivid Presents was conceived in 2020 while lockdowns were still in full effect. The Vivid team recognized that, with the dissolution of USC Events and other changes in the Seattle scene, there was a need for a locally-sourced event producer to step up.

“We all have our unique experiences that are tying in together to make the ultimate event group,” says Weyman. “We personally have seen the pitfalls of previous groups in the area, and with our expanded experience, we pull ideas and strategies from other groups around the country (and the world) into our operations.”

Meeting the Vivid Presents team

Vivid Presents team members and co-founders Jody Ramsammy, Marc Pospisil, Dylan Drew, and Aleksey Weyman bring together a set of unique perspectives and an abundance of experience.

Jody Ramsammy, Vivid’s Co-Founder, steps in as the big picture and finance lead. His background with Microsoft, Facebook, and Google combined with the personal connections that he has made with artists over the years makes him a crucial piece in this puzzle.

Marc Pospisil (Marq), Co-Founder and Head of Operations, is a household name in the Seattle trance community and is the long-running general manager of both The Underground and Box House. The Underground has been home to North American Trance Alliance (NATA) and Elements events for quite some time.

The final two members of the team are Dylan Drew, Head of Production and Festival Ops, and Aleksey Weyman, Head of Marketing. Both have past connections with USC Events: Drew, as Festival Logistics Administrator, and Weyman, as Head of AR. Aleksey is also a Project Manager with Insomniac Events, further bolstering his industry credentials.

“Because it’s just four of us at this time, we are very lean and make decisions quickly, which I think is important for how fast-paced the industry is,” says Weyman. “This also means for the PNW that they can expect some very big, uncommon experiences coming to Vivid events in the future.”

What’s upcoming for Vivid Presents?

On September 26th, Vivid Presents kicked off the new season hosting their first Sunset Session at The Nest in Seattle’s Thompson Hotel, which included a 4-hour set by Jody Wisternoff.

Vivid Presents are also working to expand their brand with two new exciting nights aimed at showcasing emerging local talent, Shuffle and Ruckus. Shuffle will spotlight artists and music in the House music genre (Bass House, Electro House, etc.) while Ruckus will aim to live up to its name highlighting the Bass music (Dubstep, Trap, etc.) side of things.

For the time being these events will be held at The Underground, but the team hopes to shine a light on other amazing local venues such as The Nest, The Space Needle, and more in the future.

Throughout our interview the Vivid Presents team stresses that, first and foremost, all of their productions are being designed with the Vivid Family in mind.

“At Vivid Presents, we are building a family from the ground up, of not just staff and promoters, but of loyal friends and fans who know that our events are always going to feel special, whether that be due to the music, the production, the people that attend, etc. We also aim to highlight unique areas of Seattle (like our Space Needle show, The Nest, etc.) as a way to give back to our city. We are also looking to incorporate more artistic elements into our events, more on that in 2022!”

Make sure to follow Vivid Presents on their social channels to make sure you’re not missing out on any of the excitement.


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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.

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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.