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Warp Academy’s ‘Source Code’ Course Kicks Off With Tech-House Legend, Giom


If you’re a 4/4 lover, you may know Giom for his original and envelope-pushing tech house tunes. You also might be familiar with his label, Supremus Records, which features 4/4 bangers from the likes of AnonimalyDozaDeeligent SoulTale Cooper, and himself (of course). The latest tune by Giom was the focus of a new offering from our friends over at Warp Academy, the best online resource for Ableton courses, lessons, and materials. This new series named Source Code takes an intimate look at new/unreleased tracks by producers, where their creators break down their choices, arrangement, and process. Giom’s new track from Supremus called Love / Hate, served as the inaugural track for the amazing Source Code series and it was AWESOME! Not only is this track catchy, it’s technically intricate despite its surface-level simplicity.

The 8 part course took a look at many elements of Giom’s track, including his drum arrangement, bass, guitar, synths, vocals, FX, and a quick ‘mastering tutorial’. Compared to private lessons, this $49 course has astounding bang-for-your-buck. For 3 hours Giom dissects his track, showing us every effect, automation, and sample in the song. This teaching method is highly valuable to any producer, allowing us to compare, contrast, and learn from such an accomplished artist. Regardless of your skill level, this course is perfect for anybody looking to build their facility with electronic music production, particularly for those most comfortable with Ableton.

In addition to Giom’s commentary and guided tour through his song, Warp Academy and Giom have also provided the entire Ableton project! This offering is perhaps the most wonderful of the course. With the project in hand, you can easily construct your own default Ableton template from Giom’s own- which is extremely organized, simple, and sensible. Using the skeleton for another artist’s track may seem alien at first but we find it’s another fantastic way to get inside the head and process of a fellow musician.

What artist do you want on the next installment of Source Code? Let us know in the comments below, and Warp Academy on their website!

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