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Who is Freaknight’s Special Guest Headliner? (Opinion)

After what felt like the longest wait ever, the Freaknight 2017 lineup was finally unveiled last week. Featuring some of the biggest names in electronic dance music today, this years’ spooky spectacular offers a little something to satisfy all tastes. One thing is missing though: a co-headliner! A name big enough to be paired with the legendary Justice. Rumors are flying; the internet speculating as to who it could be. Using tour schedules, past USC bookings, and a magic 8-ball, we too are taking a stab at who this mystery person/group could possibly be! Here are the nominees:



Who knows where or how this rumor started, but Skrillex is the hot name currently being floated all over the interwebz. Sonny fits the criteria that makes him a potential winner here: he currently has no scheduled performances around Halloween time and has been booked by USC before (Paradiso 2015). It’s been a while since Skrillex has played in our area and a Freaknight appearance would surely blow the lid off the place.

The Chainsmokers

Photo: Billboard

We know, we know! But if USC is looking for some serious top 40, mainstream EDM star power, these guys are it! The duo is currently scheduled to tour Australia and New Zealand in October, with their last show being the 24th. After that, they have to travel back to the American west coast for a Vegas performance on the 28th, the day after Freaknight. What city is a short flight away from Vegas? Seattle! Why not stop here first, upon returning to the States? Also, they teased a return to the Emerald city  in May. Piece: meet puzzle.

Eric Prydz


This legend is no stranger to Seattle, having played at Resolution 2016- which feels like eons ago! He’s scheduled to play at Insomniac’s Escape Festival in southern California on the 28th. Prydz’s Halloween Friday is currently open and Escape would be a short flight away the following day. Just saying! Can you imagine if he plays here AND brings his new, mind-blowing visuals with him?! That would be the best Halloween treat of all.

Armin van Buuren


USC booking an artist for back-to-back Freaknights is extremely rare: the only time being was its’ booking of Tiesto in 2015 after his scheduled set was canceled a year prior following the tragedy at Freaknight 2014. We wouldn’t complain one bit if they bring back the godfather of trance after his energetic performance at last year’s Freaknight (complete with crazy costume!). Armin is not scheduled to play any Halloween-related events right now and has always had a good rapport with the Pacific Northwest. Would he be able to outdo his Freaknight ’16 set?

A one-night event, Freaknight 2017 makes its’ return to Seattle’s WaMu Theater Friday, October 27th. Tickets are currently on sale, starting at $107. Who do YOU want to see co-headline this event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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