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“Setting Fires” Vocalist XYLØ Steps out on Her Own and Into Barboza (Interview)

xylo disco ball tears and tantrums

Paige Duddy, known as XYLØ to her fans, began her musical career in collaboration with her brother Chase. After making significant noise in the alt-pop scene, XYLØ broke out to global success on “Setting Fires,” the 2016 smash platinum collaboration (and festival stage mainstay) with The Chainsmokers.

Paige is now launching a solo career (keeping the XYLØ moniker) and wasting no time, releasing a string of hits including Heaven Only Knows and Tears & Tantrums, an upbeat pop track co-written by Charli XCX. Leading up to her intimate show at Barboza on November 26th, DMNW sat down with the singer-songwriter to discuss her continuing rise, and what she’ll bring to Seattle next week.

DMNW: Now that you’re officially a solo artist, what’s next for you?

XYLØ: I’m constantly in the studio working on new music! Hopefully I’ll be able to release a new body of work in early 2019, and be putting more show dates up as well! Since going solo, I have learned a lot about myself and who I am. I think the new songs tell a better story and show a different side to who I am as a young woman. I am opening up a lot more in my lyrics and talk a lot about my insecurities, my flaws, my daily struggles. Hopefully my listeners find it easy to get to know me better through my music.

DMNW: What are you looking most forward to playing in the intimate Barboza setting?

XYLØ: Getting to meet fans!! Nothing better than being face-to-face with the people who listen to your music! Singing songs together is really special.

DMNW: Do you expect to do more pop-EDM crossover work in the future?

XYLØ: Yes!! Working on a few things as we speak for 2019! Very excited!

xylo press photo

Credit: Nikko Lamare

DMNW: What are your most and least favorite things about touring?

XYLØ: I love seeing new parts of the world I haven’t seen before, eating, shopping, spending time with my band. My least favorite part is being away from my dog – that’s really hard for me because he’s my soulmate haha.

DMNW: Who are some of your strongest musical influences?

XYLØ: My grandfather is a big influence. He is a jazz drummer and teacher so I grew up around music everyday in my house. He came from nothing and built this amazing life for himself and my family through hard work, dedication, and a passion for music. He’s really inspiring and I hope I can be half the person he is one day.

DMNW: What does your songwriting process look like? Where do you feel most inspired?

XYLØ: I am always in the studio or at home working on music. It usually starts with a beat or chords, and the melody and lyrics come after. Most of the time I have lyrics or a concept I want to write about. I feel most inspired when I’m writing music in London. I feel I write my best material there because I’m outside of my comfort zone and surrounded by new people and places.

DMNW: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans in the Northwest?

XYLØ: I love you all so much and your support means everything to me. It’s changed my life and it’s something I am thankful for everyday! ❤️

Tickets are still available for Corey Harper + XYLO / Gavin Haley at Barboza on Monday, November 26th. You can purchase them here.

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