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FVDED In The Park Provides A Perfect Post-Paradiso Event

fvded in the park perfect post-paradiso event

The Northwest is a beautiful place, filled with some of the most scenic areas and artistic contributions in the world. That being said, we sometimes ignore our comrades north of the border, and that’s often a foolish mistake. That’s particularly true when it comes to shows, especially Blueprint Events’ upcoming FVDED in the Park, held on July 3-4.

We touched on the festival a few months back, when all that had been revealed was the initial lineup. It’s a doozy; some of the hottest names in music are performing at the gig. EDM? With acts like Botnek, The Chainsmokers, Afrojack, Chuckie, Excision, and more, dance music aficionados will be more than satisfied. Hip-hop? If Ty Dolla $ign and Tyler the Creator aren’t up your alley, then the Detroit House stylings of Danny Brown have you covered—and The Weeknd fulfills any softer needs you may have.

Oh, and Deadmau5 is finally coming back to the Northwest, which we suppose is pretty cool.

fvded single day lineup

All that information is nothing new; the acts have been known for some time now. What’s new is the single-day lineup reveals. Considering that one-day passes are available for the event, those burnt-out from Paradiso the week before can pop up for a day, get a fix of their favorite artists, and return home with minimal stress. At only 95 Canadian dollars, it’s a damn good deal.

Blueprint Events also revealed the official promotional video yesterday, and it’s a unique spin on pre-show marketing. While most teasers feature throngs of revelers dancing to a soundtrack of today’s hottest dance tunes, FVDED highlights shots of the local area. From gorgeous, northwest backdrops to Vancouver’s humming public transportation system, it plays as an anthem to the local culture. In short, it’s awesome.

If you end up deciding that you aren’t actually as drained from Paradiso as you thought, full weekend passes are available too, starting at 150 Canadian dollars. Ready your passports, pack your bags, and prepare for an international experience up north during the weekend celebrating American independence. For the most current dance music information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook! And remember, Faded AF is Faded AF backwards. Apparently, that’s an important thing to know.

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