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Kygo’s Cloud Nine Gives Us a Teaser Taste of Summer Feels

Kygo’s long-anticipated album, Cloud Nine, may have been released just recently, but it doesn’t take long for the sweet symphony of beats to play over and over in your head. He’s been teasing these tracks via soundcloud the past few weeks, but with the full album’s release he’s outdone himself.

The release is perfectly timed, preparing you for summer harmonious vibes as if you were laying in a hammock on the beach, sleeping under the sun. Cloud Nine begins triumphantly with Intro, a slow tempo melody that gives off feels of being on a deserted island in paradise.The piano starts to trickle in so harmoniously as Kygo teases the listener, progressing into an electronic dance anthem — you’d almost try to sing along until you realize it’s just the instrumental intro.

Cloud Nine ranges from being upbeat, unable to sit still, swaying back and forth with tracks like Firestone (which you can watch here) to a transition into love ballads, slow and momental, like Fragile. Each song brings its story into the album, but every change can offer a taste of all the seasons from the beginning to the end.

Kygo once again redefines tropical house to a new more mature level, likable and relatable to all ages, making him a figurehead to his peers. He has stepped up his musical potential, joining forces and collaborating with talented artists such as Tom Odell, Foxes, RHODES, Matt Corby, Julia Michaels, Angus & Julia Stone, and John Legend.

It’s a no-brainer that Kygo is someone to keep your eye on, and he’s always pleasing his audiences and producing more and more great works. This year alone he won Break Through DJ and Best Chillout Lounge Track from the International Dance Music Awards. If you haven’t heard Cloud Nine yet, pick it up, or if not you’ll be wondering why you didn’t once its overplayed.

Kygo is proving sure enough he’s no one-hit wonder, unlike others in his field. He’s a mastermind turning sweet symphonies of sounds into feels, and there’s plenty more where that comes from. Make sure you check Kygo, one of the headliners for Seattle’s very own Bumbershoot, which you can find more about here.

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