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REDUX @ Re–Bar: The Future Of Bass Music In Seattle

This past December we all bid a fond farewell to Spectrum; a night that many of us in the bass community came to love and even cherish as a solace from the quirks of everyday life. DMNW has always been a strong supporter of what the team at Tom Kha Productions has been able to accomplish in our thriving underground scene, and the renowned night at the Monkey Loft was no different.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But ladies and gentlemen, this is 2016. We can take those things and rebuild them, we have the technology. And so from the remnants of one night, the team at Tom Kha has molded another. They took the best of Spectrum and took it even deeper underground, so close to the earth’s core that the stage itself is on fire! Reborn from the ashes and launching this Friday at Re – bar is REDUX: A.K.A. the future of bass music in Seattle.

Mark it on your calendar, because REDUX is committed to bringing you local, national, and international artists who represent the best in forward thinking bass music. Featuring all the vibes you expect from a Tom Kha Production but on a bigger scale, REDUX is like Spectrum on steroids. Think bigger names, bigger stages, more lights, and more room to rage! This Friday showcases some of the biggest bass bin bruisers around with the likes of Shlump, Eastghost, Kozmo, and Endr all setting up the stage for the infamous Starkey.

The brain melting bill takes place on January 29th, but it doesn’t stop there – far from it. REDUX is also the debut of the latest brain child by visual artist Yours Truly!

“While many visual artists focus on hi-fi graphics and cutting edge projection technology, Yours Truly takes a step backwards by using distorted video clips and archaic televisions with composite inputs. Blending the infinite depths of the internet with reality, Yours Truly mesmerizes onlookers with strange offerings from the aesthetic web. Yours Truly spent half the life of Tom Kha’s Spectrum as its resident artist and has been active in the Seattle electronic music community for the last three years working with a wide variety of artists. Spectrum regulars will be familiar with the eclectic array of ever changing lights, metallic objects and house plants.”

If you were a fan of Spectrum, Tom Kha, or if you’re just an every day bass head, do yourself a favor and come experience the latest of the underground sound this Friday. Click here for your chance at 2 free tickets for the show, plus keep an eye out for more REDUX events coming soon! Because when you’re asked the question “Where were you during the first REDUX?” If you’re answer is anything but Re – bar, then you might want to take a step back and rethink your basslined life. [bpm_ad]

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