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The Members of Tom Kha Say A Heartfelt Goodbye to ‘Spectrum’


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Many an amazing club night reside nestled in the SODO arms of Monkey Loft, buried treasures for those who decide to journey outside the Seattle downtown core. The rooftop view is sublime, the drinks are strong, and the Loft consistently houses some of the best counter-culture dance music in the city. Tom Kha’s Spectrum was one such club night.

Spectrum was the brain-child of Tom Kha Productions, a 3-person production crew and not  (we assure you) one dude named Tom. Much like FWD Wednesdays at Q, Spectrum eschewed genre preference for exciting global unknowns and the name recognition of virtually every major local DJ.

It has become clear it is time to turn a new page in the Tom Kha cookbook. We will be refocusing our efforts on bigger shows that are more dynamic, rewarding for the crew, & [for] the scene at large.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. In part the change is driven by growth. Tom Kha is moving onto larger, more elaborate shows that represent the needs of a broader audience. But the changes are also driven by a larger truth about the underground: people love the idea of the underground, and often stop there.

There’s no arguing that Spectrum and the Loft enjoy tons of support in Seattle, but the passing of Spectrum should also remind us that the electronic underground needs us. It needs our support, needs our attendance, and needs more people like Sasha, Peter, and Molly flying the banner to keep it alive.

spectrum tom kha 2 spectrum tom kha 2

If you never got to experience Spectrum, you have two more opportunities to get in on the action! On November 19th, Spectrum features BOGL, Sean Majors, Gene Lee AF, Thalo, and Nofux Gibbons.

The big Spectrum finale party goes down on December 3rd, featuring DEV79, Shtickykeys, Mind Mada, Bionica, and Tony Rocky Horror—who is releasing his EP “Brass Tacks” that same evening. We encourage all squadlings to help send off Spectrum in style!

In honor of Spectrum, Monkey Loft, and the Seattle underground that thrives sometimes unseen, we sat down with the members of Tom Kha to get their thoughts on the night’s history, the future of the scene, and what to expect now that Spectrum is coming to a close.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!