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The biggest virtual rave ever to be held on…Minecraft?

After rapper Travis Scott’s legendary Fortnite performance last month, it’s safe to say the boundaries of virtual concerts were smashed. Bringing a record breaking 22.7 million viewers into Fortnite’s virtual realm not only went flawlessly, but sparked new gaming initiatives. Now comes what may be the largest virtual festival to date: Electric Blockaloo!

The brainchild of Rave Family and Minecraft, Electric Blockaloo is bringing over 300 artists to it’s three day long festival happening toward the end of next month, June 25th-28th. Until Rave Family reveals the full lineup this week, prepare your streaming devices for this historic dance music event!

A leading EDM production company, Rave Family is making huge strides to give the world a memorable experience. They’ve already caught our attention, enlisting the likes of Diplo, Above & Beyond, and TOKiMONSTA as confirmed headliners.

In this unscalable world of virtual performances, Rave Family has opted to do its part to support artists. Rather than being a free event, tickets to attend Electric Blockaloo will range from $7 to $30. Representatives from Rave Family disclosed that performers will receive a 60/40 split of the revenue share, rather than their usual appearance fee.

Featured Stages for Electric Blockaloo 2020

Taking this monumental event just one step further is Rave Family’s partnership with Bye Bye Plastic. An organization whose mission we can all get behind: to eliminate single-use plastic from music festivals by 2025! As virtual festivals begin to trend, it’s important to point out how environmentally friendly they are-versus a traditional festival. Rave Family has promised a portion of each ticket sales towards Bye Bye Plastic to further dance music’s investment towards a greener future.

As the best selling video game of all time, Minecraft has sold over 175 million copies worldwide. While the game typically sees over 112 million active users monthly, we’re sure June’s attendance will be record breaking.Electric Blockaloo is accessible across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or a VR device. Broadening Electric Blockaloo’s accessibility not only allows viewers to easily attend Electric Blockaloo, but adds the inclusivity that a real life festival would bring. For fans who don’t use Minecraft, headliners will share unique codes to ensure access to Rave Family’s website to purchase GA or VIP admissions.

Will you be attending Electric Blockaloo? Who do you want to see on the full lineup? Let us know at Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!