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A Few Things to Know About Club Etiquette

To make sure you’re invited back to the club next week.

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The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest. So we all get together to celebrate the fact that we made it through another treacherous week of work. Naturally, the majority of our readers find themselves at a night club to dance the night away. However, there are a group of people that need to be reminded of how one should behave at a night club.

After speaking with various club owners, DJs, promoters, and our staff, we have compiled a list of grievances to ensure your nights are fun … and you’re invited back next weekend.

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1. Guest list

Congratulations! You know someone who can get you and your friends on the guest list! Normally a guest list closes around 11:00 PM, but that doesn’t mean you can show up at 10:55 and expect to get in.

Most clubs have a pretty large guest list to give away for their employees and promoters so that their friends can come out and enjoy the night. Ideally, you want to show up around 10:15 or 45 minutes before the list closes. More often than not, guest list lines can be 150 feet long by 10:30.

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If an opening DJ or local DJ gets you on their list, be there for their set time. DJs are artists and they want to share that art with you! That’s why they put you on there. Don’t complain that you missed the cut-off. You were given a gift and nobody hates anything more than an ungrateful brat.

2. Stand-alone mentality

Often times somebody will be there super early to be sure they get their re-entry stamp and turn around and leave because the club isn’t packed. That is just stupid for multiple reasons. A packed club is hot and sweaty, and there isn’t much room to dance. Early in the night, there is so much more room for activities! Maybe you don’t know anybody there. What a perfect time to make some new friends! Let’s get rid of that freeze, and go enjoy yourself!


The rule of thumb here is to have at least one beverage after you have been granted free entry. If you have paid the cover, then this one can slide.

3. Dress code

Dress codes change from club to club, and from city to city. The best thing to do is to inquire with the venue to see what the dress code is. If you’re unable to contact anyone, the rule of thumb is to dress to impress. Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed, or found a pair of dirty jeans on the floor. Leave the ball cap at home, wear closed toed shoes, and dress as if you were going to meet your future husband or wife (we realize that doesn’t normally happen, but seriously, try it).

People enjoying a night of dancing at Pants Off Dance Off. Photo Credit: Amus Productions Inc.

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