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Artist 101: How Twitter Can Help You Build Your Musical Brand

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The Twitter Trend

Sometimes it feels like social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have taken over our lives. With no stop in sight, these websites have become something of a journalistic phenomenon. From politics to pro sports, social media knows no bounds. With dozens of thriving platforms, marketing via social media is the new trend when scaling your musical brand, and Twitter is the #1 place to start.

How artists like you are using Twitter to grow and thrive!

Twitter is often the first place artists share news. This often comes in cryptic hints and vague phrases, but there are also big announcements as well. Though its common to post these statements across all social media platforms, Twitter seems to be the most potent platform for artists who manage their own account. Artists tend to delegate the management of their email, Facebook, Instagram and  others. However, Twitter seems to be the place for on-demand access to artists and their thoughts.

Being one of the pioneers in advancing quick forum style posts, Twitter provides a streamlined version of communication between the artist and their fan base making it easier to moderate and connect with the community in a more intimate manner. With music being an ever changing movement, it is imperative that artists stay relevant and continue to build their brand as well as vocalize their new projects to their consumers.

Putting older models of niche-only forum websites to shame, Twitter has worked hard to stay relevant while sticking to their user friendly roots. In 2013, Twitter made the move to perfect their mobile user-face, with 60% of tweets being sent out via phone, it makes perfect sense. Moving recently to 280 characters, it gives users even more room to breathe and let the world know what it is they have to say. This may or may not be a good thing, so stay tuned.

With Twitter being the most self run platform for musicians, many media outlets site Twitter as their primary source when it comes to facts about the artist and their projects. We aren’t condoning the use of twitter as a journalistic source, but with Twitter being one of many platforms that verify their more famous users, it becomes very easy to refer to.

#Harsh Let’s not forget about the virtual throwing shade that has become all too popular among most of the Twitter user base.

Electronic artists are some of the most guilty of this charge. Starting with the most savage; Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a Deadmau5. Known as one of the biggest trolls on the internet, Joel often expresses how he feels about other artists on his Twitter account. Among some of the most cringe worthy feuds have taken place between Joel and DJ Carnage. But make no mistake this trend goes far and wide, and few artists are innocent of it.


We don’t suggest airing out your dirty laundry or starting Twitter wars with your industry mates, but if you’re an up-and-coming artist, it could be worth your while to pay close attention to your Twitter feed. Take advantage of the opportunity to update your fans on what you’re doing and encouraging them to share your content!

Making your fans feel special is what will keep you going and motivated to make quality music for the community that supports you. This can go much farther than a few quick laughs and witty words.

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1 Comment

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    December 2, 2019 at 7:08 am

    Thank you for your article. Hunting accurate information is
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